Dems 2019: Dem Hard With A Vengeance


First of all, he’s still a Democrat, if an unpopular one. They aren’t going to excommunicate him.

Second, politicians are politicians, and some Virginia Democrats will collaborate with him to achieve mutual goals. Even if they aren’t as high-profile as usual.

Want to know what will happen to Northam? Just look at what happened to Mayor Rahm Emanuel. He is passionately hated throughout Chicago, and he didn’t even wear blackface (to my knowledge). Still very powerful, because other politicians need him to get shit done.


So he’s going with the “Let’s Go to the Winchester” strategy. Interesting move.


The real loss in Virginia is Fairfax, and I say that not as a lament for a guy who now stands credibly accused of being a rapist, because it sure seems like that’s exactly what he is. It’s more a comment on his public face prior to this as a rising star in the party. Had we known…


Winchester? Just south and west of here!


So he is out of missiles and all he has left is guns?


The Northam situation reminds me of what we had here in Michigan with Snyder and the Flint water scandal. Everyone was yelling at Snyder to resign, he didn’t, and stuck out the rest of his term. Pretty much didn’t change what he did - still put in place all kinds of business-friendly policies that I didn’t agree with but at least he didn’t go along with the terrible social stuff the Republican legislature kept passing.

So if this goes the same way, Northam will probably stick out his term and do basic governor stuff but nothing earthshaking. Then disappear from the political stage entirely after his term runs out.


14 of the 19 new members of the 2017 House of Delegates election were under the age of 45. With this being another election year here, I can’t believe they’re happy with hanging his linen around their necks.


Northam has just been celebrating his signature achievement, making available the ACA Medicaid expansion in Virginia, which took effect last month. Until this stupid yearbook thing popped up, he was a great governor for the Democrats, and I’m sure he’ll continue to pursue the agenda of the Democrats in Richmond. He just won’t have much sway among them.


How many more blackface/sexual assault scandals will it take before VA gets to the guy that writes bigfoot erotica?


Although this message was posted without any evidence to support its claims, many viewers accepted its unverified information as fact and spread it around Facebook. The rumor was also picked up by an army of Twitter trolls who continued to parrot the claim as if it were based on some sort of credible reporting …

Repeating this claim over and over again, however, did not make it true.

Republican talking points in a nutshell.

But, spoiler: She doesn’t.

Herr orangeshitstain OTOH has six bankruptcies, paid off two mistresses while married, settled on a fraud case (trump university), forced to shut down his scam charity foundation, used his inaugural donations to pay this own company millions of dollars, is in violation of the the US Global Magnitsky Act, credibly accused by over fifteen women of sexual asssault, and we’re just getting started! BEST PRESIDENT EVER.


We shall not see his like again. And we will be the poorer for it.


RICHMOND, Va. — Justin E. Fairfax’s refusal to resign as lieutenant governor of Virginia in the face of two allegations of sexual assault has presented Democrats with an excruciating choice: whether to impeach an African-American leader at a moment when the state’s other two top leaders, both white, are resisting calls to quit after admitting to racist conduct.

Less than a week after Gov. Ralph Northam and Attorney General Mark R. Herring admitted to wearing blackface as young men, Mr. Fairfax on Friday afternoon faced a second detailed assault accusation in three days, transforming what had been a crisis for Virginia Democrats into a searing dilemma for the national party.

The political turmoil for Democratic leaders this weekend is unfolding at the intersection of race and gender, and risks pitting the party’s most pivotal constituencies against one another. If Democrats do not oust Mr. Fairfax, at a time when the party has taken a zero-tolerance stand on sexual misconduct in the #MeToo era, they could anger female voters. But the specter of Mr. Fairfax, 39, being pushed out while two older white men remain in office — despite blackface behavior that evoked some of the country’s most painful racist images — would deeply trouble many African-Americans.

With the timing of this stuff leading right into primary season, this seems like such a perfect storm in the making.


Interesting numbers. The one for African Americans surprised me.


I suspect that A-A number is because black people are like “yeah, duh…old white dude is racist, call me when something surprising happens”.


Yeah, with those numbers, Northam will just ride this out.


That, and they’re overwhelmingly Democratic. Compare that number to Democrats overall, and the bet it’s within the MOE.


Perfect storm of?

Virginia is probably still pretty reliably blue for now. Democrats still have a pretty deep bench building within the Commonwealth, and it’s worth remembering that the best the state GOP could manage was Confederate sympathizer Cory Stewart for senate in 2018.

The impact in Virginia will be the statewides in 2021.


Bill Maher had mentioned an editorial, (maybe from a Chicago newspaper?) where a lady had written about all the ways Northam had already helped African Americans, by expanding Medicaid and other legislation.

Anyone with HBO access or better googling skills than me, can you track down that editorial by that lady? I was thinking it would be posted here, since I was 200 posts behind in this thread, but it wasn’t posted here yet that I saw.


You don’t think (admirable) without statewide officers campaigning with the local delegate & senatorial candidates they’ll not have a harder time separating themselves from (R’s.) Corey sorta sunk the the down ticket guys with him during the US House election here. We’re within 2 seats of controlling both Houses now.


Probably this:

Short version: “Black folks aren’t surprised or stunned by this at all. If we gotta elect a dumbass white guy who did something cringeably insensitive years ago, at least let it be the dumbass white guy who is currently enacting policies to help the African Americans in his constuency.”