DERPSPACE: Encounter at Regula O.S.S. |OT| A bold new space game by Gordon Cameron


Let me answer that question with a question.


Has my D-7 Cruiser been priced yet?


/like button.


Would you describe yourself as “rich” or “very rich”?


Rich is for plebs, I’m wealthy.


I would like to see DLC that is customized on a per player basis, at an exorbitant price, that I could then markup and resell.


These are the voyages of the U.S.S. Trump.


I want a pony.


…made of diamonds.




Are the rumors true? DERPSPACE to be an EPIC store exclusive? Also how many yachts came with the contract? ;)


While we have fielded many lucrative offers from online retailers, we believe we have found the perfect exclusive distributor for DERPSPACE™:




That really sealed the deal.


$40 value from Zork 2… pfft, now that it’s 1987 the game is six years old!


So ah… do we have full 90 minute long startup procedures for the ship launched fighters implemented yet?


“Press F for 30 minutes”. Meaningful gameplay!


Yeah man! wouldn’t that be mad immersive! I’m getting visually stunned just thinking about it!


“Press V for 40 minutes to be Visually stunned”.

Well, beats waiting 1 hour for a cloud just to get a star and find out the whole thing is about the atomic bomb (as if). ;)


Having your President look like a pedophile is a bold move.