Destiny 2 - I don't have time to explain Bungie's MMO shooter 2.0


I’m pretty sure I got Sweet Business as part of a quest. I’m pretty sure I don’t have enough currency to buy another anything from Xur this week, so I’m happy he’s selling something I already had.

I wish I could play a Hunter and Titan on a harder difficulty now that I’ve finished the game as a Wizard, or whatever the hell I am.


Got all 3 chars to 305, of course my Main character got there last.

I really think Destiny 2 would’ve been better as an expansion for Destiny 1.


The warlock gauntlets Xur is selling enable some crazy stuff with a devour build warlock.

Every time you punch an enemy to death, it adds a damage boost stack, up to 5 stacks to your melee damage.

At 5 stacks, you are getting something like a 7.5x multiplier on your damage. This means you are punching things for THOUSANDS of damage. Literally thousands. Each punch is like a hit from a max damage rocket launcher.

With devour, each kill refills your health completely.

The total effect here is that you can become an insane punching dealth machine, one-shotting everything while constantly refilling your health.


Played a warlock in beta, but thinking I will start with a Titan tomorrow.

Anyone playing on PC able to invite to the clan?


I’m not certain but I think you can invite or apply cross-platform, at least via the iPad app, and probably the website.

I’m in a different clan so I can’t help you with the Qt3 clan, but if you apply an admin from any platform can let you in.



For PC gamers that don’t know what all this Destiny stuff is about…

Yes, that’s right. Better “aim assist” is a perk that people strive for on Destiny’s weapons.


Which class should I play, as someone that doesn’t want to do melee shit and wants to be really sustainable/tanky solo?

I don’t expect to do much at max level, just leveling up and seeing the story.


Ha ha ha ha ha! Oh sorry, was that serious?


I didn’t play Destiny 1, so I guess I didn’t know any better? Didn’t expect much story, but is it sub-Halo?


Destiny 1’s story was the worst kind of tripe. Totally sub-Halo. Heck, it was sub-Doom. Stuff happened that made no sense even in the limited and vague world they built. On top of that, a lot of details were printed outside of the game in the app.

That said, it apparently got better in the later expansions. I didn’t return so I don’t know.


Man, I tell you what - play through the campaign, probably won’t take all that long, and then post back in here if it made any sense. I mean, Destiny 1 has even less story but it’s kind of a lead in to the sequel at least.

But to answer your question - I really don’t think I’d go to Destiny 2 for story appreciation. Just to try to set your expectations a little.


Hah, nice. Well anyway, I plan to do the level-up and not the elder game. So which class?


Titan is the most tanky.


Titan is tanky, but Warlock, specifically void (subclass) is probably a strong contender for survivability. Super is a powerful ranged AOE attack—very effective on bosses—and the “Devour” sub-sub-class tree will do more to keep you alive than anything else. Triggers on melee kills or by sacrificing your grenade charge, instantly fills your health, counts town ten seconds and every kill you get (by any means) while the timer is going refills your health immediately and resets the timer.

Also their healing rifts are great for surviving.

Just don’t play Hunter. No one likes Hunters.


I mean, the story isn’t the draw, but it’s not bad by any stretch. The campaign is pretty great, actually, if you like the way Bungie makes games. It has some of the better moments they’ve crafted, including HALO.


Crazy talk. Gunslinger hunters are teh awesomest!


I love my hunter


Except that it plays like Halo plays on Normal. If you like the way Halo plays on Heroic or Legendary, you’re out of luck. After you’ve finished the story, they do unlock a more challenging mission replay system where it plays more like Halo on Heroic. But by that time, you’ve already seen all the missions and there’s no surprises left, and you’re already familiar with the story beats.

But basically if you want a more challenging story campaign the first time out, you’re out of luck.


You post about the lack of challenge quite a lot - and that’s not a criticism, just recognition that this is something that clearly bugs you - but I think you may have a fundamental conflict between what you want Destiny to be vs what it really is. I think it’s basically Diablo 3 with an FPS wrapped around it, you run through all the challenges/strikes/raids and get better loot so you can run the challenges/strikes/raids to get better loot. I think the fact that Bungie made this, and that they do shooting so well, almost distracts from the underlying hamster wheel that drives the game.