Destiny 2 - I don't have time to explain Bungie's MMO shooter 2.0




Accidentally attempted my first strike today…solo. I was all like “why does this guy have so much health?”


How did you end up in a strike solo? Strikes all have matchmaking.


Clicked on the flag. Maybe the one on Nessus is different?


Oh, that’s a public event, not a strike. It’s also generally meant to be done in groups (though at high enough level you can solo most of them without too much trouble.)


Well, I’m confused (what else is new). There’s a public event that’s exactly like the Exodus Black Strike (including the same boss, Thaviks)?


Guess I’m not sure which flag you clicked on at this point. I’m probably confused too.

If I remember right there are some quest lines that have in world strikes at the end. Honestly I’ve lost track a bit of that stuff. In general though strikes are available from the strike playlist, which has matchmaking. If I remember right they don’t just “sit” in the world outside of special circumstance.


Beats me. I do need to do a couple of strikes though. I want to get my hands on Origin Story and just realized that’s one of the options you get to choose from as a reward after you do your first two.


Yeah, Origin Story is great!


That’s the conclusion of the Sturm questline. You need to kill a specific servitor there, no need to finish full strike.


Yeah, I did that part. And I kept going because I didn’t realize that I’d finished the required part. After I died a couple of times fighting Tharvik, I looked at a walkthrough and the last thing it talked about was killing the servitor and I saw that the quest item wanted me to go back to the farm. I actually did ok for a while, because kills from the exploders count as solar kills and were healing me.


Completed the Titan look I was going for.


Nice shoulder pads.


Yesterday I could play the Nightfall strike with 2 more people. It was much more fun! Though I’m not a fan of the time limit, I don’t like to be rushed. In the end we completed it in the second attempt, with 12 seconds of time remaining.
There should be an option for strikes with this difficulty and the random modifiers but without the time limit in public matchmaking.


Heroic strikes where a thing in D1, they where removed because ???, this is Destiny Light with many missing pieces.


I wonder if they are going to -reintroduce features like that in the coming months.

Guided games feature is worthless. I tried it four times, and the four times I didn’t get paired with anyone, even waiting 15 minutes.


I think it took about 20 minutes when I’ve tried, though presumably that’s heavily dependent on the time of day and maybe which platform you’re on.

On the bright side, I got a few more players for my friends list out of the better runs we had.


How the heck does Daybreak work? I remember I figured it out during the demo, but whenever I try activating it I end up standing there like an idiot with a flaming sword waiting until it runs out so I can actually hit something. Left click does nothing. right click does nothing.

Edit: Clan roster is working on PC


Funny they fixed it now. I am already a bit over the game, starting others. I reached 283 power.

I tried the raid with a team, and I didn’t like it. It’s way too hardcore for me. It’s curious, how D2 is a pretty casual game imo, too easy, at least 90% of it, and then the Raid goes in the opposite direction, needing several friends all with comms, excellent coordination between them having to divide in subgroups for lots of parts, obscure puzzles you have to guess how to solve, stealth parts, lots of trial and error, and all with a much tougher combat all around. Why can’t they make something in the middle point?


Xur is in the EDZ this weekend selling the Graviton Lance, which probably everyone already has by now.