Destiny 2 - I don't have time to explain Bungie's MMO shooter 2.0


Anybody else had server issues after the patch today?


December 5th:


I thought he was asking about the rewards for some of the exotic quests, which are affected by the level you are when you complete them.

The exotics Drang and Mida Multi-tool both award you complementary legendary weapons along the way, and a lot of people appreciate those boosts to their power so they do them sooner rather than later. I thought he was saying start over and wait until he’s already higher level this time around and then get even better drops for those than what he has now.

But yeah, maybe he meant what you’re saying too.

Either way, don’t start over.


Add to the long list of shit I don’t understand about this game: level 20 is the cap? After that you just level each of the 3 classes to 20 to compare abilities, and you’re done?

Why would I want fancier weapons and stuff, for what purpose? I got a few exotics and legendaries along the story and those seem plenty effective?


The grind, man. The grind.

Get better loot so you can do harder missions to get better loot, etc.


Speaking of grinding, how is your yo-yo bind coming along 😁


Oh, god. I can do a bind accidentally, but doing it on purpose eludes me.


I don’t really understand why they call “levels” levels. Functionally, power level is your level, and the game would be almost identical if they just lopped off the last digit and power levels went from 0 to 30 instead of the unnecessarily granular 305.

I mean, I guess I understand on some level, because your power level is still wholly dependent on what you have equipped. It goes up and down based on how you’re dressed, which isn’t what people really think of when they think of character levels.

But what they give us with character levels isn’t really like most character levels in a game either. You don’t get more powerful based on your character level, you don’t get more hit points. At each level you get another point you can put into unlocking your super ability skill trees, but it’s like they yanked that out of some other system and decided that alone was the point of leveling. Then to make it even less intuitive there’s an arbitrary cap of 20 on the leveling, which is not enough points to unlock everything, but you keep getting skill points every time your XP meter fills up after level 20 anyway. It just resets and you’re still level 20 but with another skill point and a bright engram for some cosmetic gear. It’s so weird when you think about it. And it was more or less the same in the first Destiny. Bizarre.

All that said, your power level—the gear-driven stat—is the gate for content and controls how hard you hit things and how hard they hit you back. If you stopped when you finished the campaign and your character was 20, you wouldn’t be even close to able to tackle a nightfall, raid, or even a few of the side-missions. Those activities are the incentive to keep improving your power level. And the eligibility requirements for those activities are a little out of whack too, you can technically attempt nightfalls and raids a lot sooner than you likely have a good chance of actually completing them.

You could probably do nightfalls at power level 280 if you’re pretty good and have a good team. I think I was closer to 290 when I started running them. I still haven’t attempted the raid, don’t know exactly what the sweet spot is for that.


12 tries today and we got Prestige NIghtfall done :)

Decided to stick with the Hunter as too little time left to do it all over again.


Finally finished the campaign after fighting through DC Issues. Working on the Nessus world quest now, and since I knew I’d be needing an exotic engram in a bit, I held onto the one I got from Zavala.


Almost got my Hunter to base power level 300. At 298 now, so with a couple lucky drops I could hit 300 for all three characters in the new week after tomorrow’s reset. Hoping this weekend will finally give me a chunk of time big enough to attempt the raid as well.


The Osiris expansion brings up a point of the lore that seems like it makes no sense.

The Vex can travel through time.

Seems like that’s the ultimate “I Win” button in any kind of galactic conflict. Either they’d be able to trivially destroy any of their enemies, or they don’t really care about destroying anything.


270 Power. I think I have done everything possible, not counting a pair of exotic weapon quests.


Given the clan roster still doesn’t work in the pc version, can people post their battle ids here to add to the friend list?




You haven’t done the Raid yet, right?

In Destiny 1, the Raid, the process of doing the Raid with your friends, and figuring out how to overcome enemies in the Raid, was the most fun I’ve had in a shooter since Gears of War 2’s Horde mode. It was just sublime.

I haven’t played the Destiny 2 raid yet either by the way, so I don’t know if it’s as good as Destiny 1’s raid. I’m just saying, don’t consider your Destiny experience complete yet, if you haven’t attempted the Raid. It really is something unique in shooters. Very cool.



I like the idea from some other thread a million years ago (Overwatch maybe?) where we just appended our names to an ever-growing list so people wouldn’t have to peruse the entire thread.

I’m one of those people who knows nothing about the raid and is willing to continue to know nothing, in case there are others who might like to go through the “figuring out” process.


I meant, from the content there is right now. Raid comes today, really.

Though I don’t have friend to play the game, most of my friends don’t play on pc :P.


I don’t know exactly what the PC player base is like compared to the consoles, but I’ve had reasonable success in the past using to find fire teams for raids and nightfalls.

If you’re patient—willing to roll with it if you don’t end up with a great team every time—and not obsessed with speeding through the raid on three characters per week, you can still have a good time with randos.




Man, even the normal strikes are too easy. And if I think about it, it’s strange because it doesn’t follow the ‘standards’ of coop games established by Left 4 Dead, and other games like Warhammer Vermintide. Like you can respawn in that game but with conditions as otherwise it wouldn’t be as thrilling, like only respawn in certain specific places where surviving players have to reach and rescue you, and if you die more times, you will appear with less and less max health. And of course in both games you could play in harder and harder difficulties, in fact that was the use of the better loot in Vermintide.

Only one strike that can be played in Nightfall per week, without you having control of what to play, and without matchmaking is pretty bad. I’m particularly puzzled by Bungie’s reticence of not putting normal matchmaking and using instead the ‘guide’ system. In a few weeks all players will know all the strikes by memory, so I’m sure they could do it even if they are strangers.