Destiny 2 - I don't have time to explain Bungie's MMO shooter 2.0


Wow the DLC story sucks so far. I got so bored I had to stop playing and do something else. I hope other changers are better, but I remain dubious.


I tend to agree; the story in the Osiris expansion so far is dreadful, though the environment on Mercury (the Infinite Forest) is pretty cool.

The real bad thing for me is bugs. It crashed once, and then it stuck me in an area between two unopenable force fields, telling me I had to kill some dude, but some dude was…on the other side of the unopenable force field in the area I had just come from. In other words, I apparently spawned this dude, and then moved into the next area, and then the game locked me out of the place I was supposed to be. I tried suiciding but that just put me in the same spot, so I had to abandon the whole fucking quest, and now have to do it…all…again. Ugh.

OTOH, Some of the new gear looks pretty neat.


You should have tried logging out. When you logged back in at should have put you at the last checkpoint.

My biggest issue has been with the new public event. I can’t get to the outer islands on mercury without dying on landing. On the plus side, I got an exotic Ghost shell with a 50-meter cache radius at all locations


They’ve added a second Arrested Development chicken dance emote, so I’m happy.


If it doesn’t have three or four obviously incorrect chicken clucking sounds, NO SALE.


Not sure about the new single player campaign, it’s kinda meh. But Daaaaaaaamn is the game super pretty now!


Well, definitively, fuck this game.

Putting a difficulty setting in a game mode (Heroic Strikes) behind a paywall.


The DLC is the montly payment system. Is their business model. No-DLC havers are to all effects playing a demo of the game.


The last checkpoint sadly seemed to be within the stasis box I was trapped in…


That’s not really true of Destiny 2; I have no clue about the original as I never played it. Without this first (and so far, only) DLC, you only lose out on some end-game stuff it seems; the vast majority of the game is still there for the asking. I guess if you’re a hard-core end game player you might feel differently, but for a filthy casual like me there’s tons of value in the base game.


I was also sort of surprised that the story mission in Osiris uses what was a Strike location before the DLC. I’ve only done, um, one strike, but it was in the Pyramidion, and at the time the only way I think to get to that location? Now it’s part of the story line stuff. I suspect they are going to follow that pattern of repackaging stuff? Did they do that all along?


I guess it depends on what you consider value.

Personally I love that it runs like a dream, but I haven’t even finished the “story” because it’s boring as shit.

The pvp sucks, and that doesn’t leave much for me to care about. Certainly not enough to entice me to buy more supposed content.

As someone who skipped out on the PS4 original I have been sorely disappointed once the shinies wore out. Shame since it’s put together so well.


Content-wise, the game have a good amount of content… the problem is how the content isn’t that fun as you over-level 90% of it after the first hours.


Yeah, Destiny (and now Destiny 2) use a subscription model that utilizes DLC.

Complaining about that subscription model at this point seems silly since it’s pretty clear that’s how it works. I understand people feeling burned by Destiny 1 in that regard, as it wasn’t really explained in the marketing. At this point though, that’s become open information.

If you don’t want a game that has a subscription model, Destiny is a poor choice.


Or alternately, like I did with Destiny 1, you play the game a lot when it comes out, and when you hear that the DLC content isn’t that great, you ignore it and keep playing the base game. And then when they gimp the base game experience, you stop playing and wait for Destiny 2. In this case, Destiny 3 I guess.


I get that Destiny fans know this, but there’s a whole new set of players on PC that may not be privy to the unofficial business model behind the game. And let’s be clear, it is unofficial. There is zero marketing that says “DLC is our subscription system.”


In what online game that has major DLC releases (not weapon packs or the like) is this not the case?


In the Halo games, if you didn’t buy the DLC, the single player remained the same, the old playlists remained the same in multiplayer, but you didn’t have access to the one special playlist for DLC purchasers where you could play the new maps.


Most games with DLC work this way. Not owning DLC should not impact the base game negatively. Somehow, all these MP shooters have been able to do it for years.


Destiny is an MMORPG so the DLC is part and parcel to the experience. I don’t begrudge them this any more than I would Blizzard for charging a monthly fee for WoW.

The model is not being hidden. You get 2 DLC packs for the year at like $20, then a full expansion back for $40. That’s the game.