Diablo 2: Resurrected will test your resolve to boycott Blizzard

Mousewheel is working just fine for me so far.

Great to hear! Mousewheel worked great for me and my friends for years. We much prefer it to keyboard shortcuts. (If you get tired of clicking though, do try the controller).

I no doubt will try the controller at some point.

Edit: Hard mode: Amazon with a crossbow. Ouch.

I tried for years to make a crossbow Amazon work. Any time I found unique crossbows or Rare (yellow) cross-bows with really good characteristics, I tried building an Amazon around those items, and I just could never make it work. I don’t recall all the issues, but I think it boils down mostly to how much slower crossbows are compared to bows. Even using the Amazon skills to enhance and speed things up, it’s still nowhere near as much as you can do with bows instead.

I used to get pissed “Why do they have to make all the crossbows so slow?”, to which my friend would say “have you used a cross bow in real life? They are really slow! How could they not make crossbows really slow?”

Yeah, it’s the speed thing.

So I’m running around the monastery and not really watching where I am. Not smart, I know. I get to some lower level and the quest button pops up.

Kill Andariel. WTF? I’m not ready for this. I’m just looking for a hammer! Yeah, I zigged when I should have zagged.

Was not Buriza Amazon a popular build 15 years ago?

I was gonna say, some of you have never fired a Burrito Cannon and it shows.

I do not waste burritos, sir!

The really silly thing was when Multishot could hit the same mob more than once (“shotgunning”). You’d just run up and like three-shot act bosses.

This also used to work with guided arrow and pierce. You could really destroy bosses with that as well, and from off screen lol. It was especially good against Meph.

I had a Buriza multi shot zon, and it was indeed tremendous.

New patch didn’t fix my frequent crash. Oh well, I’ll just keep playing Grim Dawn. Waste of $40 though.

I haven’t had a single crash in dozens of hours - maybe try to do a repair or re-install? Might be a bad/corrupt file or something.

Yeah no crashes here either. And I haven’t even had a server problem in the last few weeks.

Not a bad idea, I’ll give that a try. I know I had seen other posts in the forums with the same type of crash. Frustrating because it will work for 20-30 minutes before crashing. But ultimately, having to rerun the same areas over again because all the enemies respawned isn’t fun when it’s involuntary.

I’m sure you’ve tried all the usual driver updates, shut off background programs, run as admin, but if you haven’t could try that as well. 9 times out of 10 times, stuff like this is a driver conflict. I have a fairly crappy comp and vid card, and I haven’t ever had a crash. That doesn’t mean much, because component makeup on individual comps can be such a black hole to try and troubleshoot.

What vid card do you run?

The other thing you could try, would be to set all the game graphic settings to low, and see if you still get crashes. My guess would be, your vid card/driver is hitting some particular special effect that doesn’t happen all the time, and it may be related to one setting or another. If you can play without crashing on the lowest settings, add back the stuff one at a time, you might be able to figure out what the specific problem is.

I wasn’t quite Irene the Infirm last night, but I created a Sorceress and trying to get past the first couple of quests.

Blood Raven kept kicking my ass, so I kept retreating back to town and trying new strategies.

First I went in there with 3 Fire Bolt, where I got her down to half health, but ran out of potions and retreated.

I went back with more potions but Blood Raven got a lot better about interrupting me from firing off my Fire Bolt with her arrows. So I retreated again when I was out of potions.

Hmmm. So then I tried this sword that I found. That should be able to kill Blood Raven, surely. It did decent damage, and it was a rare sword, it had a bunch of enhancements, including cold damage that should slow her down.

I went in and finally got close enough, but started firing arrows and kept interrupting me, and I couldn’t drink potions fast enough to live.

D. E. D.

Blood Raven is the hardest fight in Act I, unless you’re twinking right away.

The best thing I’ve found is to a) get into a rhythm of manually dodging her shots, since she doesn’t attack all that fast and b) be skittish and run the hell away. It’s not uncommon for her to hit for 25% or more of your health at that point.

I straight up won’t fight her unless I have some kind of decent weapon. It’s worth tooling around until you find something with sockets or a couple decent mods.

Anyone else having the issue where your mercenary just decides to stop moving? Not pathfinding issues, though there’s plenty of that. Just decides she ain’t going anywhere. Have to waste a portal scroll just to wake her up.

Yeah, merc AI ain’t the best. If you move far enough away she’ll teleport to you and that should restart her AI.

Any teleport skill instaports your minions to your same destination, btw. Sometimes a useful thing to know.

Btw, I tested Leap Attack yesterday on the controller. It’s not good. Basically how you target enemies right now by facing them, that’s how leap attack is targetted. So it’s not a good skill to get you out of any situation like it is with the mouse. I forgot the excellent term Adam used upthread, escape skill? It’s not a good escape skill with the controller.

Now I’m really curious how they implemented Teleport on the controller. The same useless way as Leap Attack?