Diablo IV - A Return To Darkness

I have bought cosmetics before in games where loot visuals aren’t a thing (e.g. Overwatch, League of Legends). I’ve also had games where I bought packages that included currency I used on cosmetics (Lost Ark). To me, buying cosmetics in a game where loot (and the appearance thereof) is such a big part of the core game experience sends very strange to me.

But I’ve been around plenty of players (especially in Lost Ark) where they don’t just buy one outfit, but have to have seemingly every new one that comes along. I’m cool with people buying cosmetics to support a game or whatever, but it’s hard for me to grok this sometimes.

Enjoying the rogue so far, gonna try necro next.

Finally working on PS5.

Not for me. :( I just keep hitting retry. Oh well.

Created my Rogue but have been stuck at queued for game, start game pending for a while. So progress!

In just after posting.

After a small patch, I hit play on my PC at 7:07 and it took a while for the game to actually load but I hit a 3 minute line and played for a good 1 1/2 hours. Very smooth, no issues, fun game.

I still get the license issue. Think I’ll go something else for a bit.

Logging out and logging back into my PSN fixed it.

Got in at 7, queued for maybe five minutes, played for almost two hours. Got my Chain Lightning Sorc to 12. Mostly good performance, still a bit of rubber-banding around certain objects/places, but mostly fine.

Glad I decided to do my first run softcore, as I died once in a world event, but other than that no real issues on WT2. I went back and forth on going WT! or WT2, and while WT1 is undoubtedly more efficient, if you are trying to just crush the campaign to get to the end game and move into WT3 as fast as possible, but that’s not my goal. I’m enjoying the challenge level, as I did in the betas.

I can’t get in at all. The Play button doesn’t even light up for me.

Granted, I haven’t bought the game, but that’s just niggling details.

Played for about 2 hours, no issues at all. My fireball Sorc is rather underwhelming, but I played chain lightning during the beta so figured I try something else this time.

No problems after the first ten minutes or so. Flawless launch on PC, IMO. Bravo Blizzard.

Oh yeah, I just stopped. Five hours. Level twenty four.

Playing on World Tier 2 is no joke. That or I just suck at the game. I’ve been stuck in Act 2 at a cerberus-like boss and I had to give up and do a different quest.

I picked the rogue. You win… It is a lot of fun to play. I have to look up a guide though as I have no idea on a good combo to setup. I very much like the structure of this game vs the previous ones. Major thumbs up so far.

Interest level rising… one of the biggest things that I thought were a potential red flag from the reviews was that the bosses are mostly easy. If the bosses are easy, and the clumps of mobs are easy, where is the challenge? Didn’t realise you could play on a higher difficulty right off the bat.

Hit an awesome bug after returning to a dungeon through a TP. It’s like the game thought I was still in town and wouldn’t let me use any abilities except drink a potion. I had to alt-f4. And of course, the dungeon was gone. I was at the end. And they’re way too fucking big. Fucking great.

You guys even considering hard core characters are nuts.

I haven’t kept up with this thread till now, but you can’t get away with that reference without this!

Only had time to do a couple hours of play, to level 12 with my rogue last night. Going with similar skills as my last Server Slam version, Puncture with Twisting Blades, but decided to go with Caltrops and a trap instead of Concealment and Shadow Step. More offensive defence.

I was incredibly disappointed with myself, dying once on a boss battle in a dungeon that I never died at in the betas/slam weekends. Not an auspicious start, but I’m eager to continue today.

Not that new reviews are neede but

It seems the game is huge. HUGE. 80 hours without endgame or engaging in the more MMO stuff.
Then again, a complaint is that is a bit too safe in gameplay, it has lots of dungeons but they can be samey, the open world can be a bit checklist-y, etc. So they are going to be 80 hours doing a lot of the same. Then again, that’s what Diablo players sign up for!

What does it mean when your screen goes dark? It doesn’t seem to mean low health.