Diablo IV - A Return To Darkness

Yeah this really isn’t surprising, more humorous than anything.

Same here for PS5. It’s been adding a minute each time I get requeued though!

Had to relog back in, but now I’ve moved to the queue inside the game itself, which is saying ~4 minutes. Yay!

Better than being at work…automatic 2 hour queue (off at 6)!!!


Weird how all the big streamers seem to be having no issue getting in & playing. /s

I’m in and playing my sorcerer! 5 min queue for me.

Yay I’m in, Rogue here I come!

Had to reboot the PC to get the launcher to let me in, but no problems after that. Queued for about 2 minutes in game, then I’m in like Flynn!

I’m still downloading OMG the world is ending.

Looks like PS issues are known: Invalid License Issues on PlayStation Consoles - Console Discussion - Diablo IV Forums

Well, at least they are on it fast.

I better get a 28 dollar glittery shirt if I can’t get in tonight. ;)

That intro is still amazing.

Well they’re acknowledging it quickly, we’ll see about the fix! Annoying sitting here waiting for it to work.

And I got the license message wooo. LOL oh well.

Glad you guys are getting the kinks worked out for me when I play on Monday.

Hopefully you all get in and playing soon!

In the meanwhile I’ll sit here and indulge in a bit of schadenfreude with my Standard edition. 😜

I work in software development. I knew what I was getting into trying this early. :) Oh those poor it guys are going to have a fun time. I assume I’ll be able to get in at some point tonight. Maybe? Lol

I think it gets worse before it gets better tonight. The next big hit is when the West Coast US folks get home from work, which starts about now and will extend for a few hours.

Yeah, should point out that I think people (like me) were hopeful they’d have things working, but we know enough that it doesn’t matter how much money you have or how many people you have, when there are some bits that got lost, poof goes your service.

Wait. Did they just get us to do another server slam test for launch day? Wow, that’s brilliant!