Diablo IV - A Return To Darkness

It looks like all loot is instanced for the individual players.

D2R didn’t get a price drop for nine months, so you might be waiting more than a couple.

Sigils are in your Consumables. There is another item called sigil powder which is a crafting reagent to make them but you can’t do that until later, I don’t know if it unlocks by level or sigil level advancement.

Yeah @Relayer71 Blizzard is very stingy with price drops, maybe expect one around Christmas. Maybe.

Blizzard for whatever reason has never sold Warcraft 3 Reforged at a discount yet, which is odd considering the reception it got, unless they are trying to discourage people from buying it.

That tick is bugged then, because it isn’t persistent for the same character across game restarts.

Actually, looking at it earlier today, it seems some get ticks and some get what look to be chests. Seems like the ones you’ve already collected are blank (weird way to do it, but whatevs).

I already broke and bought it. I figure I must have l put over 200 hours into D3, I’ll more than get my money’s worth here.

That and I need a new ARPG fix after playing the crap out of Grim Dawn and Torchlight 2 (I couldn’t get into the Warhammer one, and had some fun with Victor Vran, but didn’t hold my attention long term).

Mmmm diablo

So, once you hit WT4 hold onto your ass or wait until level 70+ to switch. Stuff hits HARD and you don’t yet have ancestral armor to even yourself out. I’d say for most you wanna make sure you have a pretty defensive build ready or you are going to go splat a few times.

Died twice on WT4 Ashava, she is no longer a kitten.

Speaking of tie ins. A friend of mine wrote a Diablo IV tie in story and you can read it for free.

Yeah, figured out the sigil thing. Now I have one Nightmare sigil, but can’t find the dungeon, heh.

And loot is definitely per player. There’s no danger of stealing someone’s drop. Heck, the game even plopped a legendary I had missed into my stash once!

Why are treasure goblins so shit in this game?

I dunno, I’ve never managed to catch one.

I’ve caught a few, bloody useless

The reward system in the early tiers (I & II) doesn’t seem to give purpose to doing other than the big events if legendary loot is what you are seeking. The chance of finding legendaries seems incredibly small compared to past games. I’m thinking that’s because they can’t have similar drops from non-world events that you can get by killing a boss or doing a gathering legion or something like them.

It also has the side-effect of pushing people to create their own legendaries via aspects. Unfortunately, that is also gated behind crafting ingredients that are also rare to come by.

I haven’t changed a piece of my gear in a couple days now (maybe a weapon, but certainly no armour/jewellery). With the amount of playing I’m doing, that’s not a good sign.

On another note, for classes that can carry an alternate weapon like rogues and barbs, do the stats on the alternates work even when you aren’t using the weapon? I’m thinking they do outside of the direct damage itself, but that would be odd for the barb because they’d give four weapons worth of extras. What’s the verdict out there?

I’ve caught a couple, including one I trapped in a corner in a dungeon, but aside from some horse barding, they’ve never dropped anything of note.

Did the level 50 capstone dungeon today. After breezing through World Tier 1 that was no joke! Took me a few tries to kill the Council and I was all happy about that until I realized I had more dungeon to go! Died to the Curator 3 times and had decided to try one last time and I downed him. Good times! World Tier 3 is a bit of an adjustment. I also met the Butcher the first time, while doing a regular dungeon. I started fighting him and thought “why is this boss so hard?” and then I realized who it was. He got me good. Someday I will get my revenge!

You get the bonuses, including the innate bonus of the item but you don’t use the damage unless you are using the weapon. I have no idea about barbarians except their arsenal system lets them use whatever weapon per skill so they can switch it around for their build but their damage calculation probably incorporates all their weapons in regards to the number of bonuses they get.

Barbs get the bonuses from all equipped weapons.