Diablo IV - A Return To Darkness

Do they do this type of thing in MMOs, though, where they will make changes on the fly without a ‘patch’ or notes about a new build? GW2 is the only MMO I’ve played, and I honestly never paid close enough attention to notice if they were doing it.

I’ve no problem with nerfs that come via a well documented patch. I’m a bit more concerned that they can make changes that fast to a very specific item, aspect, feature, or whatnot. Maybe if they popped something in-game in the menu or similar as a notification, at least. Players generally don’t have time to monitor all the various communication streams out there.

GT7 has a nice in-game announcement section right at the start that allows you to read notes about game patches and known issues. D4 needs that.

Wow congratulations, only 2 deaths is amazingly good. My level 50 sorc is just hanging on at tier 2, so nowhere near ready for tier 3. I don’t know if it’s the main problem is build ,gear, or lack of skill,

It is weird, and I never like having to hunt down game altering updates via the twitters or forums.

D4 has a freaking “news feed” button on the bottom right of the opening main menu - they should at least try to use that.

I used to play hardcore too, in both D2 and PoE. Never got through hell or to top tier maps but I enjoyed the challenge of playing carefully.
But I’m struggling in T2 right now so I won’t be playing hardcore D4 for a while if ever

I have seen what I think are some amazingly powerful Sorcs. I haven’t seen a fire based one yet, but the cold based one just walks into a pack and hits their frost nova and ice shards fly everywhere and blow everything up instantly or are machinegunning things with ice shards at an impressive RoF. The Lightning ones I’ve seen have like 10 charged bolts flying everywhere. I have seen very strong characters from every class. Now maybe this is because in a group events everyone is getting mad depuffs on the enemy and such, but it’s impressive.

fwiw nightmare tiers seem to always be 50 plus world tier plus tier of dungeon, so you had 50 plus 3 plus 20 for 73.

At 53 my Sorc is still pretty ok, I guess. Right now it’s mostly working through all the Renown, getting Paragon points, and trying to find gear upgrades. In other words, the usual endgame stuff I guess.

Money is a huge bottleneck though. I think I need to stop combining gems for one thing. It’s tough because I occasionally find a great yellow item that I could imprint and make it a better legendary than what I am using, but I can’t afford to do it.

On WT 1 my frost nova one-shots packs. On WT2 I run out out of mana and have to scurry around waiting for it to recharge.

My sorc is working on renown too. Want to get to renown 3 in every zone. Maybe then do the first capstone and try WT 3

If something is a potential exploit? Absolutely.

As for the resist stuff, do the world tiers have resist penalties the same way nightmare and hell would in the earlier games? I’d expect that to be where the real value of resists came in. Besides, I can’t think of any aRPG where you ever thought “cool, I have resists, so I don’t need armor/dodge/etc”.

Personally, it would be kind of nice of making out resists completely wasn’t super important, but if you can ignore them, that would seem quite a departure for the series.

I made it to level 40 and got my horse. My first action of course was to run around exposing as much as the map as I could. So much fun! I just suck at playing video games, so I’ve died lots of times with my cold rogue. Death penalties are basically nothing though (hardcore excepted of course).


When you go into later difficulties, do the codex rewards for dungeons change? I’d love to clear out every dungeon, but some of the rewards seem pretty weak, and if they are different later, I’d just focus on finishing the last two acts.

Do you keep your horse ability when you start a new character?

Do blue exclamations give you any unique rewards that you couldn’t get otherwise, outside of renown? I’d be inclined to skip them all, but not if they are required for a special codex or skillpoint, etc?

Edit: Also the use of Obols. I’ve turned them in at the curiosity vendor trying to get a good bow. Three times in a row he has given me a simple bow. Am I doing something wrong, or is it just a teeny chance of getting something decent?


Nope. Once you unlock a dungeon codex it’s permanently unlocked across your account (per realm anyway).


XP, caches, and the occasional weapon. Nothing to worry about missing, but you probably want to do them for the XP and variety anyway.

Thing is, it’s often the easiest way to get more renown and they often send you to dungeons that you’ll be doing for the aspects anyway. I wouldn’t skip them, but you might want to judge how much time you want to spend doing them vs the main campaign or other events.

I’d stop combining gems, as they stack high. I even considered stopping picking them up so I’d have to not go to my stash to dump them after selling as you get an absolute pile of them. Then I considered the only reason they would give you this many was that they are some sort of crafting reagent later, so I kept picking them up, just not combining them.

For reference at 65 this is my gem stash.

The way I use obols is to wait until I have near max, then go to the gambler and use them on one particular item type until I get something I like and then just keep spending them. Later, he only has Sacred items sometimes so I wait until I see one that is sacred that I’m looking for. I also now consider which type of legendary crafting components I want and buy those as I get a good number of legendaries every obol run.

Every gambler is the same for you for that period of time so it doesn’t matter which one you go to.

I’ve looted sigils, or at least, that’s what it said I was looting, but they don’t show up in my inventory at all?

I only followed the game casually before pre-ordering the standard version. My understanding based on that casual research was that there would only be other players visible in towns and special world events. I am only a few hours in and am seeing lots of other players after the first town. Is that the case for the whole game, as I go through all of the campaign tasks there will be other players visible in the areas with me? I couldn’t find a clear answer online last night, but it looks like the only places that are single player are the dungeons. Is that correct?

Seems so, yeah. I’ve run into lots of players in the overland map, which is cool because I’ve been able to leech loot from events I joined at the last minute…

Did co-op yesterday for the first time, and I was pretty impressed with it! He was level 16, I was level 30, he’d been playing on WT2, I on WT1, and overall it was great. We were both challenged the entire time, we both leveled up a few times, and had a lot of fun doing it.

That said, the more I play this – and I do love it – the more I realize why Inquisitor will likely forever be my favorite ARPG. The biggest thing, for me, is the violence. While the violence in D4 is lovely, it’s just exquisite in Inquisitor. I also prefer the smaller mission-based structure of Inquisitor over this open world.

Overall though, I am super happy with D4 and will keep playing it while I’m burnt out on Inquisitor. ;)

Is there individualized loot in those cases, or is it open season? I assume the former, but sometimes it seems like things disappear when the other person is doing something. Mostly don’t want to be a dick, and pick up loot that someone else really earned.