Diablo IV - A Return To Darkness

That a problem?

It’s not a problem. But I do hope all the classes in the game have skills like that. So if they don’t, I hope instead of nerfing Sorcerer skills, they strengthen others’.

I played my Rogue to 25 and finished Act I and the World Boss without changing a thing on my build. Seemed strong overall.

Then I played Sorc, 14 now and it’s super easy mode compared to the Rogue.

Nice, where did you put points for your primary basic and energy attacks for your rogue?

I only tried sorc up to around 10ish, but it definitely felt a lot easier. Just one point in chain lightning was enough to obliterate any packs.

Is there any notification when you got the early access rewards or do you just assume they are got once you meet the critera?

It’s not a problem on it’s own. In fact I think this should be the base level of fun when dealing with most mobs. Unfortunately, I just started with rogue and the skills feel so underpowered and mediocre in comparison which is the issue. Even from the get-go the sorc gets a better basic melee AoE ability in arc slash than rogue, and the barrage ability is laughable compared to chain lightning - it does less damage, often has wasted arrows that hit no one. Chain lightning auto targets at range, does more damage (at least to me it was just face-melting all the normal mobs in tier 2), never misses, and in case of single bosses, I’ve specced so that if it bounces back to me, it will hit the boss again for heavier damage. Comparing side by side, barrage fires 5 arrows with a 20% ricochet. Chain lightning hits 6 targets, with a 100% hit rate and is a shock attack which procs my other effects. That doesn’t seem balanced.

I also seem to be taking a heck lot more damage as a rogue at least at sub-10 then I ever felt I took with my sorc, probably because most mobs rarely got close to me as a sorc, and if they did a couple of arc slashes did them in.

I hope the Blizzard team takes the feedback and does a balance pass. I don’t think they should nerf Sorc, but they should certainly buff the other classes.

Okay, that makes a lot more sense. Thank you.

I made it to level 25 and I’m sold. It’s fucking great. I even bought the CE. I’m stopping playing because I don’t want to be spoiled until the release.

Me too. Played a lot. I like it, can see playing it off and on For a few years. Will “try” and get really high level with one alt and not make a million alts. We will see.

I already pre-ordered but this is a solid game already and I’m sure they’ll work out the balance issues. What I hope is for the lag to be fixed - it’s kind of rubber-bandy in the open world. I also don’t like respawning mobs because of the live service feature but I will have to live with that because I don’t see that being changed.

I’m getting such a kick out of playing this little beta weekend that I’m going to skip finishing the first part of the story with barb (now at 25) and switch to a sorc for a bit. This is the type of game I can play over and over so I’m not concerned about leaving it to launch as I normally would. It’s the story that gets tired after a time, so that’s the best part to ensure feels newish at release.

I’m one that’s pleased by the more interaction with the NPCs in the world. Sure, I love my hack’n’slash, but the day they can mesh a fully rich story-driven world with Diablo-style gameplay, I’ll be truly happy.

I had to do it a few times until I found a Rogue build online that was focused on Twisting Blades with Shadow Inbue and using positional movement skills to cause the blades to return to you through groups of mobs (Dash, Shadow Step). It actually demanded more skill than I’m used to in Diablo, and felt a lot like playing Hades to me. I won’t be reusing that particular build again, and the base skill for rebuilding Energy (Puncture) never really could keep up. I think it would need a lot of energy regen available in the later game to actually be easy mode.

Check it out if you’re curious:

Are you guys playing on Vet or Normal?

Veteran for me. I was worried I wouldn’t play enough to get to level 20 for the cosmetics and I wanted the faster experience gain.

I needn’t have worried. I ended up playing a ton. Veteran didn’t seem too hard, and I’m no expert gamer.

Interesting. I played Sorc on Vet (up to 23) but I found everything so spongy it was putting me to sleep and that’s not anything I’d thought I’d say from a Diablo game. I was wondering if it was that setting that was the problem.

Maybe HP gets too bloated in a party or something? I should try it more today solo before shutting the door on this, but if I wasnt using Chain Lightning or Hydra I’d have to unload a globe of mana or two just taking down a skeleton archer. I really like the idea of a slower pace of combat, but it wasn’t slow so much as a slog. My friends and I were sticking around and assisting each other of course, so I would have thought that would have balanced out any increase in HP monsters receive, but who knows. Anyone else playing Vet in a group?

Enemies got notably spongier after level 20 on World Tier 2. I mostly dissolved groups on my barb up until then. They can probably afford to up the challenge through 20 and pull back a bit on 20+.

I’m playing solo and tried the (Fortress?) featuring the ice clan and I don’t see myself doing that solo at level 25.

Ugh so much this for me. Please don’t put Lost Ark in my Diablo. Maybe this iteration just won’t be for me. My wife wants to try to refund already based on first impressions.

I will try to give it a chance and hope it doesn’t bother me too much.

I just realized that ever since I got teleport I haven’t been using evade. I’m using mouse and keyboard and I’m not used to using space bar as a command, I should look into remapping that .
Overall I’m pretty happy with the game so far. Not sure how long I will stick with it after release but definitely enough to be happy with the purchase. Unfortunately I won’t be able to play next weekend, Druid and necro are my 2 favorite classes in D2

Ahh, I had that happen once but I figured I tripped over a script when leaving on the other side of a lilith altar. Man, those guys must have respawned in like 20 seconds. Hopefully that was a bug. I really don’t want respawning in my Diablo at all, unless I leave a game and come back.

You can make Teleport a passive and then evade becomes Teleport!