Diablo IV - A Return To Darkness

Yep, you can choose gender for each class in D3. I was a bit puzzled last night when trying PoE and could not choose gender or customize appearance at all.

Thanks much for the ping in the Last Epoch thread. Definitely will look into that.

Thanks. I haven’t played D3 in forever, but I’d noticed it in videos of D4.

Wow, I can’t believe it doesn’t do this. Seems like it’s been standard for awhile now.

To be fair, Inquisitor doesn’t do it either but that came out five years ago.

Level 19. Just need to find another chunk of time somehow.

I’m really impressed by the voice acting in this game. There’s so much of it and yet I haven’t found anyone yet who hasn’t been really passionate in their delivery.

To be fair, Grim Dawn has spoiled me with my expectations for an ARPG.

Thanks for mentioning this. I have no idea why I didn’t think about it, but I changed my spec from Charge to Leap and now it’s twice as fun (although it might be more damage to keep the proc for whirlwind).

To my earlier point about not liking the more restricted skill system, I’m 21 or 22 now and I’m seeing items all the time now with +1 rank in a skill. One of the items that dropped in the last story quest line even had +1 rank in all of a particular type of skill, effectively opening up 3 or 4 others I could play with without respec’ing.

I also thought the enemies got a bit more spongy at 20 (also playing at Veteran), but I gambled on a two-handed mace (or whatever the bludgeoning slot is) and got a legendary and it seemed to go back to previous levels.

And that last Act I story boss fight was a lot of fun. Reminded of a mini-version of some of the WoW raid bosses I’ve fought before.

Not only that but the music is good as well, really enhances the mood, and isn’t too bombastic to drown out everything else. A very polished product, which we should expect from Diablo, even with the stress testing. I have some reservations (see below) but this is definitely a triple A product worth the money.

My only disappointment with the game was the Enchantment feature specific to Sorceresses. The dev diaries mentioned how this would allow you to customize your spells but as far as it indicates all it does is allow you to create 2 passives (the other unlocking at 30, if the UI is done). Of course, there could be more to this, but this is NOT customizing my spells allowing me to do cool shit with it, it’s very limited and the options were unimpressive for the most part for what you could do up to level 25. I don’t know if others felt the same way about the unique mechanics of the other classes and I didn’t try them.

Got to level 20, which was my beta goal.

Did a Sorceror, and too lived the ways of chain lightning and hydra.

I skipped all the cutscenes and story, I want to keep that fresh for my real playthrough, I think I will do barbarian for that.

Overall, after friday evening, it seemed like the smoothed out all of the issues.

If hope that Nyrelle has a better story arc than Leah did

I haven’t preordered yet, and KFC is horrific nowadays, so I missed the beta.

Did anyone get around to trying this on the Steam Deck?

Now that I have a cool living room PC I’ve been leaning towards buying most cross-platform stuff on that vs. XSX/PS5, and apparently controller support is good. But if it’s not really Deck-friendly, I wonder if Xbox Game Streaming might be the best way to play on Deck?

(Also, I really should go back and finish Diablo 3 before this ships…)

Well, the difference is that you’re sort of expected to pick up everything and dismantle it because that’s the main source of crafting materials.

Do these character from this weekend get wiped or will still be present for next weekend’s beta?

I didn’t know this was something people actually wanted from a Diablo game. In Diablo 3 it got in the way of hacking away at hordes of demons for truly crap loot until Adventure mode came out and the real money auction house was shitcanned.

Aahhh, got it, thank you!

They are available in next weekend’s beta but not at release.

On reddit there are a couple of people who said they were able to get it to work. I’m looking forward to playing some D4 on my couch.


Sorcerer is hilariously over powered compared to the barb.

I had a ton of fun with Diablo 4, but in this last week leading up to the EA Beta I played a lot of Diablo 2 (Amazon, a class I’ve barely touched in the over 20 year history of the game…) and I have some thoughts on how these two incredible games compare to one another.

First up, visuals. D2R is absolutely gorgeous, I’d say it’s just as good looking as D4 with some moments being better for one game over the other, like cutscenes in Diablo 4 (the ones I saw, I skipped almost all of them and dialog for when the game drops - making me very confused by what was going on in the story, I’ll admit). But the font and the presentation and just personality or feel of Diablo 2 R really struck me as tight and done better than Diablo 4. Plus, and given this is a beta I will concede things will almost certainly improve on this score, but D2R is buttery smooth at all times even with an online character vs. Diablo 4 which struggles on loading in the city you teleport into, or when new areas are entered. That may be network load/lag more than the games performance, I’m not clear on that.

The private (even when playing online) world of Diablo 2 is still something I prefer, I think. I never butted up against any issues playing online - and the open world of Diablo 4 was fun but didn’t feel too different from the big open areas of D2R - just that there was more of it, and much more to optionally explore. I’m not 100% sure I like the game world scaling to me - there isn’t ever a sense of being to over powered for a given area and that it’s time to move on - and I for sure don’t like enemies just respawning while I’m in the same session. Online D2R the map and enemies regenerates when you quit and come back, but D4 of course does it in real time while you play (and with static maps).

The Skill Tree seems to be more fun to play with in D4 though, and there is a ton of QoL features that switching between the two games I would miss when in D2R. Potions and Town Scrolls being unlimited (of a sort) for one thing, pre-identified items and inventory management in general (I spend a LOT less time running back to town in D4 to sell/salvage stuff), customizing my characters look (and having MY character in the cutscenes), all of that is terrific in D4 and missed when I played D2R. Plus I do love being able to very cheaply (in the early game) respec with a shrug and try a bunch of stuff out, as the abilities in D4 (and D2R) are fun, powerful, and make each class feel really unique and like there are many ways to play them.

Anyway, I don’t know if I have a preference right now - probably D4 as it has so many great QoL features and is an all new experience that I have a LOT left to explore in, but D2R looks and runs so fucking good that right now it’s closer of a race than I’d have assumed.

I surprised myself by not finding other players in the overworld annoying, but I would like a switch to make it fully private. I’m sure people will find ways to grief.

Respawning, though, that seriously sucks.