Diablo IV - A Return To Darkness

I can’t imagine it was server load causing graphical stuttering. That stuff should be enforced serverside but executed on the client, so if the server falls behind you get rubber-banding/warping, but at least that’s smooth, it isn’t stuttery. It’s possible, but I’d be pretty disappointed in their tech if that was the reason.

It could have been a memory leak, though. I didn’t check mem usage. I do have 32GB RAM though.

I did a few times, it’s really resource hungry - I was frequently at about 14-18GB of memory used. I was fine, I have 32GB, but I hope by launch this is optimized a bit better. I would assume that would be the case, though.

I have 32GB but it was a mess compared to other machines that had similar amounts, so it seems like maybe there’s something else going on as well. I’m not concerned, though, it was a stress test beta weekend and it’s still a few months before release. I’m sure there’s plenty of bugfixing and optimizing still taking place.

Really felt more like shader compilation stutter to me. It stuttered when anything new happened, when I ran across a new piece of landscape, or a monster cast a spell, etc.

I just looked it up and I guess D4 can use over 12GB of VRAM on ultra settings, so that could certainly do it. One guy with a RTX4080 had to drop down to medium quality. That would also be a bug given the presentation. And actually, probably also a memory leak just in a different pool.

LOL I feel hoisted up on my own petard here. You people are so mean!!!

I’m sorely tempted to sign up for a Blizzard account for the weekend just to remind myself that I don’t seem to like ARPGs anymore.

I plan on getting wolf pups for several alt accounts. I’m only paying for one pre launch but expect to play the game over several years and will pick up buys as sales hit.

I think I was so desperate for something that would get me to use my PS5 that I played the first beta weekend like it was the last weekend ever. I put in about 22-23 hours (according to the PS5 gameplay time) if I minus off the waits for the queue on day 1.

I plan on playing extensively this weekend as well. I’ll get my rogue up to level 20 or so, then start in on the necromancer and druid. Nice thing about this is that there will be a big gap until launch and it is also showing me what I will enjoy most based on the classes I’ve tried. I know already that I will not be playing a barb at launch as it was a lot less enjoyable than the sorc and rogue so far.

Wait, sorry, I missed something apparently. Wolf pup?

Ohhh I see.

Well I must has that.

I must has 3 of those

To me the Barb was the best because it was the hardest. The most fun, no. I had so many Alts in D3 that I just want to pick one that is challenging and Mele is more challenging, at least as of right now.

So, Barb for me. So far!

If you do hit me so we can try some co-op.

(just playing around :))

So my laptop downloaded the latest beta, and I thought, what the hell, and tried to log in.

My battle net verification code had “666” in it :P


Ah yes, the “Game blew up my video card!” clickbait articles that tag along with major game releases (or in this case, beta release).

It happens because millions of people are all playing the same game at the same time and newer games tend to be more demanding and more capable of pushing hardware. So inevitably, a card with a physical defect will die, that person will be understandably upset and post on a forum or other social media site, and then another person with a dodgy card will see it and go “Oh my God, it blew up my card too!”. They see it because they’re all jumping in at the same time for a new release, all reading forums and social media about that game, etc. No one notices if someone’s card dies playing Company of Heroes 3 and another person’s card dies playing Fortnite, even if they happen on the same night.

But, by god, that’s techbait journalism’s music and another such article is born into the world.

Also, your video card dying (or running at high temperatures, etc) is not the game’s fault, ever. If the card can’t safely handle running at 100% utilization that’s a hardware problem. Don’t get mad at the developer for daring to use it.

Exactly. It’s a defect of the card. No game has the capability of destroying a GPU. If they were, can you imagine the carnage? There are thousands and thousands of new game releases every year from AAA multi-million dollar games to games shoveled out by a guy in unwashed sweatpants in gma’s basement.

A game can certainly be unoptimized or just crazy good graphically where it pushes hardware to the limit, but limit is the key word.