Diablo on the PC, 1996-2017, beloved videogame cherished by millions, R.I.P.


Do you die and have to reload on the console version, or do you just respawn nearby?


Yea, was wondering about the gambling to get those boots earlier on a lower level character, just didn’t know how far “down” i had to go; and didn’t duckduckgo to find out :)

Spent a lot of gambling currency on Kadala, as well as upgrading Rares to legendary, which meant a lot of farming to get materials, but made it in the end :)


Yeah, for an item with a low minimum level, just make a new seasonal character of the appropriate class and level to the minimum, then gamble away. That limits the size of the potential legendary pool for any given slot.


Good idea for my alt :-)

I was hoping the new class would be in 2.5, but I guess it will be in Season 11.

Almost Paragon 300 now; highest I’ve been on the seaonal HC since Season 4 or something. Still not gonna bother doing the Set-item dungeons though, cause, f… that.


Well I got the 3rd level of Zunis and figured out how to make em sing, got to greater rift 25 before cutting the timing close. I really like using the cubed effect of making elites spawn every time you trigger a pylon. Adds up fast.


Nems bracers are the shit.


Went to my non seasons WD to play with a friend. PAINFUL. The season armor makes all the difference! Thanks for everyone’s input.


So I just played this couch co-op with a friend last night on PS4. Can someone explain how the loot sharing works? It seemed to maybe automatically be giving it to the most appropriate player, or maybe it was random. All I know is sometimes I’d hit X to pick up something and it’d go to my friend.

Overall, it was a complete blast. Couch co-op Diablo is fantastic, and I think I prefer the direct controls to the PC-mouse controls that I am used to. Good stuff.


Yeah it works like this. I think the loot has little tags indicating the player it’s assigned to, if you look before picking stuff up.


Made it through Season 10 step 6. Thanks all who provided help and advice! Bring on Necro!


Sorry Kadath, seems our timezones just don’t line up at particularly conducive hours for a joint session. :(


It’s all good. Appreciate your advice!

I actually meant to post in the other Diablo thread. Will when new season starts!