Die2Nite - Multiplayer zombie survival!

In the past couple of years a few of us have gone on and on about a dream game where you and buddies are fortifying your hamlet against invading zombie hordes. Well, turns out someone has made the game we’re looking for and that game is Die2Nite.

It was mentioned in the casual web games thread, but I think it’s worth it’s own thread. Here’s some info:

  • The game is in beta, but keys are findable.
  • I grabbed a key for Die2Nite here and have joined as Calistas.
  • In theory I have three more keys to hand out but I can’t find them :(
  • RPS had a great writeup on the game.
  • There’s a handy iPhone-type view provided by someone else. I don’t know how to get it to work for others as my URL normally has ‘boa’ on the end for my village.
  • edit Here’s the official mobile site thing.

The game sees discrete sets of 40 players established in a village from which they must explore and scavenge in order to find supplies to improve the town’s defences and produce equipment. The game is free, although you can pay to be a ‘hero’, which allows you to do a little more. The game is a tense struggle between working together to help each other survive and making sure you’re the last one to die. There is player justice, there is backstabbing and double-dealing, and so far, it look pretty great!

If a few of us get in we can form a team and thus all join a village together. Could be fun!

edit I got 30 keys! I mailed and asked for keys for you lot and they provided. If there are more needed, let me know. I’ll also be putting up another thirty on my blog in due course. Anyway, on with the keys.


Sounds awesome. Consider me in.

Heh, holy shit I actually got a code that worked.

Once we have all played a game I think we can more seriously try and play together. Which would be neat. Fingers crossed we can jammy something up whereby we are all in the same town! The town I am in now lost some 7 people on the first day haha.

I tried to fight zombies, lost all my action points, drank water to refill my action points, then tried to fight the zombies again. I escaped… into a zone with more zombies, and have no action points.

Yeah I’m probably dead.

I’m trying the keys now, fingers crossed. Sounds really awesome, just don’t let me be in charge of gate access, as I know I’m going to forget to lock it at night.

edit: No dice, if anyone gets a spare let me know ,if the website updates with more keys.

And yeah this is really going to need a way to setup an invite-only town of some sorts. I don’t see any mention of this feature.

I’m in.

Still missing a key, though.

I’d be up for it! Send me a message if you can spare a key :D

I’ve been trying to get a key for couple days now, and would love to get in on this as well. I’ve read that if we form a coalition, we will all start in the same new city, so that’s something we can do when more people join in the game.

I read the post on RPS and was intriqued… but just like in zombie fiction it seems like it’ll only take one evil/stupid/selfish survivor to get everybody killed, which doesn’t really sound like a fun game.

But if anybody has a key, I’ll try. It’s zombies.

Coalitions can only be formed by a hero and also are only five people. Which is odd. And half the fun is trying to survive the fools and morons! Very fitting!

As for being stuck outside, try asking for rescue on your forums, saying where you are (eg, -2,1). Heroes might be able to help. Claim you killed a bunch of zombies so you seem useful ;)

Google for more keys is all I have heard. I haven’t been able to find the 3 keys beta testers are meant to get. I hear begging on Facebook (and twitter?) also works, so you could consider that too.

if anyone got a key to spare, please send one this way.


If you need a key, just email the devs (contact at die2nite.com) and ask them nicely. They should send you one pretty quickly

I’d love to try this.

pro tip. Try to convince your fellow residents to save building materials until you can get a workshop. That will let you acquire more materials by fashioning rotten logs and scrap metal into wooden planks and wrought iron.

I would love an invitation to this if anyone finds one.

Yeah, I had read about this over on RPS but unfortunately haven’t got a key for it.

Sounds interesting. From the article, I suspect the way to go would be to send emails en masse, preferably asking to join as a QT3 group.

Oh I’m so in! Can I be the survivor that screws everyone else for their own selfish reasons?