Disco Elysium (2019) - Detective RPG

Knowing nothing is always the best way!

I use this way of thinking in real life!

Still alive in 2019.

I agree.

Also, how accurate are the minimum system requirements? Specifically, the processor is stated as i5-7500 or equivalent. I downloaded some tool that says I’m good to go, but I only have an i5-2320; the others specs are at the recommended level though.

Not a game that really requires reading up on, other than perhaps (barely spoilers):

  1. The Volition skill (part of the Psyche tree) gives you your morale, and the Endurance skill (part of the Endurance Tree) gives you your physical hit points. So if you have either extremely low, it can lead to unexpected “game overs.”
  2. Lots of ways to accomplish most anything in this game, so don’t obsess endlessly over an apparent dead end. Go explore, pursue other directions.
  3. Set aside the RPG convention that you ought to say everything/ask every question that is suggested as a dialogue option. If something feels out of character or a bad tack to take, don’t do it.

My thoughts on the writing were a bit premature. It is a bit of novel indeed. Although I’m no expert on English literature I’d say they know their stuff am I’m completely liking it. Plus I really adore the backround music and whatever the graphic style is best described. Furthermore: Anybody who despises drugs should by feel adressed as well.

I’m just so glad there are people that make such a game. It’s really not forced or arty. It’s funny, thoughtful and so far works as game wonderfully.

Continuing the saga of playing on below minimum spec hardware.

Intel integrated graphics HD 4400

It runs fine at 1280x720 with all settings turn to the lowest. Some lag when on the main menu screen but nothing apparent in game. Because of the art style it still looks great at that resolution and graphic settings. I have not tried using the surface pen - I would hope it works but right now I’m using a dock with keyboard and mouse.

Map scrolling would really help but oh well.

Arrggh I REALLY want to play this. I wonder if my lil Macbook can handle it.

I was just wondering the same thing… I have a Macbook Pro from 2016 and I’m not optimistic.

I have to say I’m surprised at how many folks in this thread are gaming on potatoes, haha.

On a related note there seems to be no refresh rate or vsync setting so to keep my video card from blasting full bore while trying to give me 144fps for no good reason, I ended up limiting my frame rate to 60 by setting 60hz as my refresh rate in the NVIDIA control panel, and I turned Vsync on in the control panel for disco.exe as well. That did the trick and has been working wonderfully. I’ll remove the cap once I wrap up Elysium. Now I don’t hear my poor video card blowing at top speed the entire time I’m playing!

Just about to wrap up my first day, I’ve been playing slow - but that’s relative as I have almost 6 hours in the game and I have yet to be able to play only 30-45 minutes at a time, it’s been closer to an hour to even 90 minutes per session, which is cool. It’s easy to sink into and get lost in this world and these characters.

This has its hooks into me enough that I woke up this morning humming the music that plays in the bar beneath your room.

Thankfully I still remember my name.

Just put a bottle of wodka in your hand and the rest will happen on its own.

I gave in and bought the game and am quite enjoying it. I can’t decide if I’m an arrogant asshole or an amoral manipulative shitheel, but I’m honing in on it.

I’m fiending for this one hard, but I’m trying to finish up BL3 before Outer Worlds comes out next week.

We truly are in a golden age of gaming, friends.

From what I have seen of the game’s writing (poking a various screenshots/YouTube videos, etc.), the Thompson and Lynch comparisons are, indeed, inapt. I’d say that conceptually the game hews much closer to PKD, and as for the writing, when it veers away from expository into zany it reminds me more than anything of this 14-year old Something Awful post.

It’s not bad.

Never read that SA post! That’s some good shit.

Yeah, I think that a lot of reviewers and streamers were making flippant, off-the-wall, drug-soaked decisions, and the game allows that, and so they end up with screenshots that give that impression.

But I am playing as a guy who is shocked by his breakdown, and intent on pulling it together, professionally and personally. And you’d be hard pressed to find screenshots from my game reminiscent of Thompson or Lynch or anything remotely in those directions.

I mean, even the drug stuff reminds me (if I absolutely must reach for a literary reference point) more of Burroughs than Thompson.

I licked the rum stain on the counter. I didn’t want to. OMG I really didn’t want to. But I couldn’t not do it. That’s how addiction works. I loathe myself. And the only possible way to live with that loathing is to act like my behavior is not only normal but transcendent. I know I’m fucked up and that everyone is either disgusted with me or laughing at me. That’s why it’s so important to remind them–forcefully–that I’m in charge. It’s the only way I can have any dignity. I’d rather they hate me than pity me. Also, my tie told me to do it.

Don’t let the haters get you down - you are Raphaël Ambrosius Costeau, and you’re a superstar cop. Yes you are.

I walked around for the entirety of the first day with one shoe on as I couldn’t find the second… This is a game that really works for my sense of humor, I’ve genuinely laughed out loud on more than one occasion, I can’t remember the last time a game made me actually laugh. Thoroughly enjoying it so far.