Dishonored 2 - Nov 2016


You jump and use your sword and Corvo/Emily takes their head off.


Huh, haven’t tried that. Mostly since I’ve been creeping around them.


Just a standing jump and attack? You don’t need to get up on a book case or in the rafters? Ill keep this in mind if I do another play-through at some point.


Bummer, I was hoping someone else was commenting on the change of bodily proportions to the surroundings.

I know I’m the only person who will comment on it, but I’m sure everyone sees it, perhaps not consciously.

It drives me nuts a bit trying to figure out what causes it. It’s probably a well known phenomenon in the industry.


I thought they felt more linear than in Dishonored 2, more ‘enclosed’, they never captured me with their atmosphere and they didn’t flow as well. Is it not only one level that’s lifted from D2 and even then, it’s significantly smaller?


It depends. If you have upgraded your athletics and have some skills with the controls, yes you can jump (holding the key before) over them directly. Other wise, you need a bookcase or something.


Playing D2 directly after finishing D1 and both DLC. I admit that I looked at walkthroughs in D1 to make sure I didn’t miss anything; in D2 I have decided to just play without using any walkthroughs or guides of any kind and if I miss things, so be it. I do tend to wander around a lot.

I’m at the 4th (I think?) mission, the one where they talk about the robot warriors. Do they count against my Chaos if I kill them? I’m playing Corvo, low chaos playthrough.

For some reason, I feel like I just don’t have the “vision” or ability to see things as well in crouch mode in D2 as I did in D1. Don’t know why. Also, Dark Vision is… different in D2.


I do not think there is a chaos thing in D2. I was fairly non lethal with a Corvo playthrough. There was no mention of my style by anyone. Then I started a 2nd play through with the princess and went for a full on murder spree to kill everyone I could. After several missions I could not tell any difference in anything by doing so.


Well, the save games show “low chaos” for my saves so far, and I’ve read that there are different endings depending on whether you go low or high chaos in D2:


It’s because of the darkening of the screen.

and the proportions of the characters to the environment are all different

D1 also had a very clean and minimalist design. D2 has shit everywhere


That’s called the vignette effect, and it’s annoying as hell.

Yes, there’s a Chaos system and killing them does not count against it. I think their bodies count as “found bodies,” though, if you care about that.


I know I’m seeing things.

Note how the guard tower is more squat? Everything in the world is like this.

The long armed caricature has also been toned right down.

The entire world is less vertical. I think the D2 world might even be more squat than real life, makes it look a bit funny.

You also sprint through the world super fast in D2. It makes everything feel minaturised. In D1 you ran with a stubby legged gait.

Very soft lighting in D2 also. The first has this sort of stark, brilliant watercolour thing, very good commercial art.

Have you ever have an itch you just can’t quite reach?


Clockwork Mansion. Just got in it, pulled the lever, clockwork soldier.

Holy crap. I know I said I wasn’t going to look at any guides but this guy’s impossible.


Hop up onto the display cases and see if you can try something from up there…


I know, that was where I gave up. Enjoyed everything up until that stupid, shifting mansion. =(


Although - I did manage som weird kind of thing when I got into that mansion. I jumped into a shifty shelf when the floor moved, so no one actually knows I’m in there. I remember reading that you can either choose to let him know you’re there by talking to him (that scientist/proffessor guy, can’t remember his name know), or letting him know you’re there but then go into hiding, but I managed to disappear before him noticing me at all.


Isn’t that mansion hailed as some sort of modern masterpiece of game level design? I can’t comment more because that’s about as far as I got too… :)


Sure, it’s a masterpiece of game level design. But do I enjoy trying to make my way through it? I THINK NOT!
Always find it so mocking with the building map. Like yeah, I could use that map, but the building keeps changing so what use is it.
I think you gotta be a puzzle loving architect with a supernatural sence of coordination to enjoy it. =)


I think the mansion was my favorite level. I didn’t have any problems with it. I used the wall of light to take care of the clockwork soldiers. After that, you can explore in peace for the most part. As far as the shifting, each toggle only shifts between 2 configurations (there might be one with 3 states somewhere). You never needed to puzzle out multiple configurations to proceed. IE: To get past something, you never needed to make sure Alpha was in state 1, while Beta was in state 0.


Death of the Outsider is an excellent standalone expansion. I might even go so far as to say it’s the best expansion for any game I’ve ever played. It feels so close to a complete standalone experience – and one that is complementary to the main storyline. It’s as good as the Half-Life expansions, Opposing Force and Blue Shift.