Disney+ Recommendations

Disney+ launched today. I know we have a meta-thread to discuss all video streaming services, but I thought it would be useful to have a thread where people can recommend tv shows and possibly even movies (even though this is not the movie subforum, but disney movies are a kind of TV movie aren’t they?)

A few things that I’m looking forward to: The classic Disney animated films, like Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Fantasia, Jungle Book, The Little Mermaid, etc. I’ve always meant to watch those but never had easy access. The other thing I’m really looking forward to is finally seeing Mary Poppins. I’m a huge fan of The Sound of Music and have seen it a million times, but I’ve never seen Mary Poppins. Other classics I’m looking forward to include “Old Yeller”. I’ve always seen that clip of the ending that is so famous, but I’ve always wondered how the rest of the movie sets up the relationship between the boy and his dog.

So what are your impressions? Good stuff, bad stuff, let us know so we can watch it or avoid it.

Just the Mandalorian so far. Solid pilot episode. Some of the humor moments felt clunky but it looks good and the IG-88 type droid at the end was cool.

I know this was already mentioned here and a lot elsewhere, but I’m really excited about the 90s Marvel cartoons. Watched Night of the Sentinels part 1 this morning before work! Those 90s X-Men and Spider-Man cartoons (and Batman: TaS, though that’s obviously not here) are why I still like so many comic properties today.

Oh yes! I forgot about the 90s cartoons.

I know about X-men. I used to watch that one on Saturday mornings in college if I could wake up that early (10am on a Saturday? Whaaaat?). But I usually missed it.

What are the other shows called? Is it just Spider-man? And Batman: TaS?

Looking forward to finally watching the Rocketeer.

“Marvel Comics X-Men” and “Marvel Comics Spider-Man” are the titles in Disney+ of the specific cartoons I grew up with on Fox. X-Men debuted in 1992, Spider-Man in 1994.

edit: these links seem to work for accessing the shows via the web. On my phone they launch the app but then throw an error. Uncertain if that’s due to current server issues or if the links just don’t work to the app.

Batman: The Animated Series also aired on Fox and was the other primary force in shaping my appreciation for comics, but that’s of course owned by DC/Time Warner now, and certainly won’t show up in Disney+.


I’m more interested in the weird-back-catalog movies than any new shows. My wife is excited to watch Watcher in the Woods again, which she hasn’t seen for years.

I’ll probably re-watch Darkwing Duck to evaluate its suitability for my DuckTales-loving 6 year old.

Oh yuck. So many streaming services do this to older shows. It sucks.

I still remember an episode of DD making me laugh so hard - it was this one about a mad scientist character who had invented a prune-powered super weapon, so he storms into a grocery store shouting, “Prunes! I must have prunes!” as he’s walking past a clerk, who just goes “Poor old guy.”

I watched the first episode of The World According to Jeff Goldblum and actually kind of enjoyed it. Sure he’s a super weird guy, but the topic (designer sneakers and surrounding culture) was interesting. I think I’ll like this show.

For those who aren’t suffering from franchise fatigue, the various modern-ish Star Wars animated series (Clone Wars 2008-14 --> Rebels 2014-18 --> Resistance 2018–current) are quite good; better than the prequel trilogy, imho.

Liked both Clones(after first couple seasons) and Rebels but didn’t car for Resistance. Felt like a generic kids cartoon with Star Wars slapped on top.

I watched the first season and a half of Rebels and honestly loved it, but lost track of it at some point and meant to get back to it. Another reason to get Disney+ here shortly, though I’m waiting for the service to stabilize a bit and some more episodes to accrue first.

Dude, the end to season 2 is, I would argue, the best thing Star Wars since 1980. Especially if you watched Clone Wars.

This is a very good answer.

Hi, are you secretly also me?

Excited to finally binge watch the Star Wars movies in 4K HDR on my OLED. I wanted to do this before the new movie comes out. Two movies are currently missing (Solo and Last Jedi), unfortunately.

I’ll be using the following guide for which order to watch them in. Yes, I plan to watch Phantom Menace. It wasn’t that bad, was it?

Having just watched it again after some 15+ years with my son, no. It isn’t that bad. It has some highly… questionable choices. But its biggest sin is it is largely boring.

The bones of a good idea are there, but the dialogue and direction utterly fail to make the central conflict come to life.

Was finally able to get the service running, and watched S1E1 of The Mandalorian. Thought it was good - not great - but it definitely felt like ‘Star Wars.’ The story was a little on the hard side to follow, which is the only real knock I had against it.