Divinity: Original Sin 2 - Use more elements than Captain Planet!


I thought that might be it, but every vendor I can find has weapons way below my level. There are only two vendors I can find, then one in driftwood and the paladin guy that sell that kind of gear.


I believe I saw a tooltip once that mentioned vendors refresh their stock every hour or so?


Vendors refresh on the hour or when anyone in your party levels, but it seems some are level-limited. I’ve gained several levels around Driftwood, for example, but the dude in the square seems to have topped out at level 12 stuff.


He sells level 14 stuff in my game. I’m currently level 14 too.


The vendor at the arena under the inn seems to sell the best stuff, or at least have the highest selection of stuff.


Ill have to try the one under the arena, I forgot about that one… The other vendors are definitely level capped.

I am once again thinking about starting over, which I shouldn’t because Ill never finish this game if I keep restarting.
My current issue is that my main tank guy does a shit-ton of AoE fire damage among other things. The problem is that all the mobs totally ignore him and run to my casters / weaker guys and beat them down. If my main guy tries to help, he sets everyone on fire.

My next idea is to focus on the physical side of things which means melee dudes, earth damage, and necromancy damage.
I am think 2, 2H warriors, 1 or two summoners. I can’t decide if 2 summoners or 1 summoner and 1 archer type.

All of them will have 1 pt in fire for clarity (the amount of ‘mental’ status effects is crazy). 2 in water and 2 in earth. After all that, the warriors will focus on warfare and necromancy, where as the casters will focus on summing until they hit 10 ranks and then maybe necromancy / earth .


Which vendor under the arena are we talking about here? The only vendors I see in that area are Effie (food vendor) and the guy that sells blank spellbooks. There’s the dwarf upstairs in the inn guarding the entrance but he just sells scoundrel books. What am I missing?


There is a dwarf just across from the waypoint statue that sells amazing stuff, and has loads of it as well.


Thanks. I must have missed him somehow. I’ll check again.


Nope, he levels up. Getting L16 stuff from him still.

What is a pain in the ass is that while their inventory refreshes, everything you’ve sold to a merchant stays. So you end up with a gigantic mess of their updated inventory and crap that’s useless to you now. So now I’m only selling loot to traders that don’t sell equipment to keep things segregated.

Huh I think I missed this one.


I won the fight against the arena champ and can’t find this Dwarf you’re talking about. There are Dwarves, but none of them are vendors. Do you recall the name?


Believe it’s the Raucous one


Hmm, he doesn’t give me a trade option. Maybe another character will convince him. Odd.


In my game he has so much shit, it takes a few seconds to load it all.


Same here.


Doh, I didn’t see the little trade icon in the upper left of the conversation screen. Sometimes you get an actual conversation option to trade, but sometimes not, and I guess you just have to look for that icon. All good now.


Back to playing this, but there’s one thing that is really irritating me. When you complete a quest, you get a choice of reward, but there’s no way to check your (or your companions’) items to make an informed decision.

That’s just annoying.

I finally figured out how to enable edge panning so that’s okay now.


Finally found a moderately significant (to me) gripe. If someone has no items they’d be willing to trade you, you can’t steal them either. When my character got a -45 attitutude from someone thanks to a quest suddenly their inventory was unavailable to purchase or pickpocket. I guess I’ll just have to think of it as they’ve locked everything up in a magical invisible vault because they distrust me so much. That’s it.


It’s even better in multilayer where only the person turning in the quest gets the reward. And it’s not always obvious you’re turning in a quest with a reward ahead of time.


Ugh the game stopped working.

It popped up a message saying mod " and it’s dependencies no longer worked, despite me never having downloaded a mod.

It also changed the background screen.

And then to make it worse the debug and error reporter couldn’t compile my error report.

I have uninstalled and am reinstalling now, hoping that fixes it because verifying integrity failed (twice).

Edit- pretty sure it’s a problem my end.