Divinity: Original Sin 2 - Use more elements than Captain Planet!


Definitive Edition will be free for all D:OS2 owners as @Telefrog mentioned back in May.


Haha. I just plopped up a story on the front page about this. Sir Lora! Go for the toes!


So, finally finished the game with about 160hrs sunk into it. Really enjoyed it, but like many, I had burned out on it a bit around the nameless isle and took a few months break then.

My lead character was the Beast, thought he would be fun to play back when I started, but ended up a bit dissapointed in his storyline compared to the others in my party (Lohse, Fane & Red Prince). Also there was a storyline bug after I dealt with Justinia & Isbeil and during the Epilogue the game seems to have forgotten I had an origin character and gave me the generic outtro. But I don’t mind, the rest was pretty fun!

I have to agree with the others that the final battle was pretty tough and I really struggled to keep everyone alive until the end. I gave the battle about 3 attempts, guess I could have tried to cheese it with more efficient uses of potions & teas and an optimized respeck, but I just wanted to push through it as is.

There are indeed some weaknesses with the armour systems and I’ll have to mull it over if I really want to go back to see what Sebille & Ifan’s story is and check out the magic schools I eschewed on this run through (necro, summoning, scoundrel).

Like I mentioned a while ago, I REALLY loved the fact that you can rotate the map and aren’t fixed to a flat iso view. That simple interface difference raised this game heads above Pillars and the other RPGs out there. Such a pity that isn’t more common in this current rebirth of this genre.


This new version features options for solo play, online multiplayer PvP, and a special pass-the-controller Hot Seat mode. It also introduces 16 characters, each with their own unique skills and abilities, including the likes of Malady, Zandalor, and Radeka.

Arena Mode features two different variants - Classic Deathmatch and Kill the King (in which each team must ensure a specific VIP remains alive) - and these will be playable across 13 maps. These include five brand-new arenas, and each features three chest types to loot during play, rewarding destruction scrolls, control scrolls, and spells.

Additionally, Arena Mode now features Mutators, which can completely alter the flow of battle with each new round. According to Larian, Mutator effects can range from granting players wings (so they can travel longer distances) to placing all participants in a sudden death state, reducing health to an absolute minimum.


Might be their best video ever!


Awesome. I thought an enhanced edition was inevitable and so I decided to wait for it before playing. I’m super psyched to get it on Thurs/Fri. The first Original Sin was the best game I’d played for years.


Gah, this thread title.

I finally looked it up. Captain Planet was a cartoon during the 90s:

And he used the four elements, plus a heart element. So that’s five elements. So presumably D:OS2 uses more than 5 elements.


Swen @ larian is the best.


Every game should have a Feedback Billy


It’s out! - Woohoo!!! :D


Yup out now on Steam too. Good news! It’s just an update and not a separate install!

You do have to start a new game from the launcher if you want DE features.


Started playing on PS4 yesterday.

Very first impression is looks like high quality.
Playing a RPG like this on the PS4 is like talking using stephen hawking computer to talk, but don’t feel too bad because the game is very harsh (???).

I don’t know why some game mechanics even exist… combine items? whats this, a point and click adventure?.

On the character creation screen theres this “labels” feature, I trough it had gameplay implications, but so far it only has flavour. Something that is very confusing, because in the Fallout games if you choose “doctor”, you get dialog options to heal people. Here my character is mystic and joker, but my jokes are not fun, nobody likes them so far, my mysticism seems “crazy cat lady” level.

I almost had a laugh when I find the game start with you prisoner, such a classic start point :D


Does anyone have the details on armor changes that were rumored a while ago?


You craft items, including skill books for new skills.


I looked at the list of changes and although they did some balance tweaks I don’t see that they did anything to address the issue that every single party member is most effective if they take Summoning as one of their two main skills. Summoning was so ridiculously OP in the first release that playing with no or one summoner was like playing on a higher difficulty.

Does anyone have impressions of gameplay from the definitive edition?


Hey, I have already something like 6 hours with the game. Lots of fun. Game is harsh to me, but maybe is because I am some special type of idiot?, anyway I survived to the initiation of level 1, 2, 3, 4. Now with many tools and some starting gear I can be the one kicking ass. Grinding even.

The veteran players of this game confuse me. Optimizing the squad? Re-starting from scratch to make it better? dude, is a game!.


Huh not too happy about the single install. Forcing duplicated assets and doubling the install size is kind of annoying.


I got this last night on the Xbox one. I haven’t finished original sin 1, do I need to? I’m not sure how much I have left there… I rescued the witch from the ice cave, that’s where I left off.


Nope, it’s a new stand-alone story.


Not really. There are a couple of “oh, hey that guy/gal/thing” that ties back to the first game, but you don’t need to finish the first game to understand the sequel.