Divinity: Original Sin 2 - Use more elements than Captain Planet!


I knew as soon as I started playing this game that I’d become addicted.

I was right.


Finally done.

Great game, but way too long. They’re hard hours, too – scanning the environment for hot spots, precisely aiming spells, and managing inventory every few minutes. Whew.


Congratulations :) Agree it’s a long road, lengthened by the time spent trying to find a way forward. I probably used lookthroughs, as with the first one.

None of the isometric resurgence games have done much for me. I only played these and Pillars but the limited presentation and emphasis on videogame writing plus yet another class, skill and combat system… not for me. I’m going to duck out now before Scott Lufkin comes over and hurts me!


It’s so funny. I really enjoyed my time and there were some cool fights right up until the end. Yet I’m walking around this morning like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. That’s a weird feeling after finishing a good game.

The scary thing is part of me wants to fire up a Lone Wolf run. Good thing I uninstalled it.


Curiosity - what was your party composition?


I played the Red Prince as a pyro, Beast as a tank, Fane as a geomancer, and Ifan as a ranger.

I’m kind of curious about a scoundrel/backstab build.


I’m currently outside of Arx, and having trouble getting motivated to finish the last stretch. It seems like every fight since I hit 18 has been plagued with a ton of status effects. Some of my characters during battle have had two rows of them, and instead of making the battle challenging, it seems to just draw things out to craziness. I have a decent party which up until this area felt way over powered. now it feels adequate. Is the whole rest of the game a slog, or am I just having a skewed opinion of this part of the game?


The Sallow Man is definitely the low point.

I didn’t notice too many annoying fights in Arx. Having 1 or 2 characters that can remove charmed and mad was all I needed.

Otherwise offense still rules everything. Usually I didn’t even notice the status effects. Which was to my detriment when I kept healing a diseased character.

Oh I played on Classic so YMMV.


One more thing I’m curious about: Prior to the “Definitive Edition” update, most enemies had roughly equal pools of physical and magical armor. The result was that the most efficient way to play the game was to forgo one type of damage entirely and concentrate purely on the other. Did Definitive do anything to fix this?


I find that most enemies are strong in one or the other but no both, save for bosses who had a lot of both. It seems to me the best bet is to have 2 physical damage dealers, and two magic damage dealers, and have them all have some form of damage from the other side. I’m playing with a Hydro summoner, Hydro tank/healer, Straight Aero, and Hunter/necro. I feel like most battles were over in round one, until I got to Arx =)


I really loved it up until the final battle, which I have never finished. I just quite after a couple of frustrating attempts. I mean, the story is ok, but for me RPGs like this are all about improving characters and loot and at the final fight, who cares?


The problem I had with the final battle (OG version, never tried definitive) was that in the second phase, some characters that should logically switch to focusing the Big Bad don’t seem to think that’s as important as helping it murder my team. They should have had a “ok let’s take a time out and stop the apocalypse here” moment and then go back to finishing the faction fight as a final stage if they insist.


I had to look this up.

If you sacrifice your Source you go straight to the second phase and everyone is allied with you.

You’re damn right I took that option after a long slog through the game!


Starting a game with the definitive edition. I’ve heard good things about most of the origin stories but am having trouble picking which is the best to actually play as. You miss the voice acting of the character who is the main one you play, right? It seems like Lohse and the Red Prince may be better as companions? Any suggestions who to play as the main?


Lohse is a bit boring as the main character plot. I’d rank them:

Red Prince


You forgot Ifan in that list. ;)


I’m scared to ask if you played them all.


Blasphemy. I used Lohse and it was great.

I kinda wish I had Fane though, I left him behind and he’s, like, important.

I posted a combo I figured out further upthread that let me 1-shot the first phase of the final fight. If you’re having trouble with that encounter give it a try. It works in the 2nd phase too if the boss positions himself in an area where you can pull it off. Otherwise you gotta grind that one out.


Shoot! Ifan’s interesting, I’d put him between Fane and the Red Prince.


I’m in Fort Joy, my party level 3. I’ve explored quite a bit and am close (I think) to having a way to escape (I just destroyed the soul jar). There have been several battles that kicked my butt pretty hard and I had to reload (guardians that appear when destroying the wrong soul jar, some type of fire bug thing next to the prison level, weird magister who gives skeleton guy his face peeler)

Is it likely that I’ve missed some stuff and need to get some more exp, or I’m just playing poorly? I think I’m on classic difficulty. I didn’t have a ton of trouble in DOS1.