Do you register your games?

I’m just curious as to how many people actually register games that do not need online activation/registration to play or allow you to post in forums.

I also know there are an ungodly amount of permutations but I just want a general ‘Yes, I tend to register my games.’ or ‘No, I don’t tend to register games.’

I personally don’t register my games.

Oops, I forgot to ask, if you do register your games, why do you do it?

I’m not sure it’s even possible to parse this question this way anymore.

May I ask why not?

Either you do tend to open a game and fill in the registration card/register electronically or you think it is a waste of time/marketing ploy you want no part of and don’t.

I don’t register anything unless I have to. Even then, I sometimes still don’t. I’m always afraid it’ll lead to spam of some sort.

Wii and DS games I tend to register via the Nintendo web site. They’ve already got my e-mail address, so it’s not like they’re going to spam me any more than they already do. Their ‘exclusive’ content for people who register tends to wind up being simple stuff like wallpapers though; I was hoping for something more like rare items in Animal Crossing…

Other stuff, not really.

Yeah, I still register my games. Back then, I dutifully filled out all cards and mailed them off, nowadays online. Whether I need to, probably not, in the nowadays, with product keys, internet and whatnot, but in the past it did serve me as a proof of purchase. I remember screwing up one of my floppies, (I either overwrote it or it got infected with a virus) and the late, lamented Microprose replaced it free of charge. In fact, they just sent me a new copy of the game. (I think it was MoM even). I like to think some CSR hearing my plea, and seeing that I had registered this game and all others that I bought from Microprose decided my goodwill and undying loyalty was worth it.

Because I don’t want to volunteer to be on your mailing list.

And because Nintendo gives all the good swag to Japanese customers. Biased much Nintendo? Cuz I’ve got all these sweet unregistered games just waiting for you to make it worth my while…

Yep, nintendo stuff I register, but that’s absolutely it. And only with nintendo because they send me free stupid shit like a pink or quill stylus.

I’ve registered some Paradox games to post on the technical forums.

Bioware games, because they make you feel all special on the forums. That’s it.

I register all Nintendo stuff but nothing else.

Remember when they sent out that GCN disc with the NES and N64 Zeldas on it to people who had 5+ games registered?

I only register nintendo games because of teh free stuff Nintendo sometimes sends out. Nintendo has sent out some sweet stuff to me over the years. Although there hasn’t been much recently. Highlights included the gamecube zelda disc with 4 zelda games on it and a demo disc of metroid prime 2 several months before the game came out.

I don’t register anything but online games which require accounts. I’ve never been given interesting free crap :(

I used to register them at first, then later I realized that I’m not living in the American continent and so decided I have no reason to bother.

Sometimes when I really like a game I’ll register it.

I don’t register exactly because I don’t want to make marketer’s jobs easier. The few times I do register, I choose the most inane choices to mess with them. Exceptions are appliances (recalls) and political polls.

I am truthful in political polls, but I probably annoy the heck out of the questioner because I start asking THEM questions so they can be more specific. They just repeat the same question over and over until I give up. Gallup’s (at least that’s what caller ID said) called my home number quite a few times during the Bush years.

Never never never, and goddammit installers, stop asking me.

No, I don’t volunteer personal information they don’t need, so that they can’t send me information that I don’t need.

When they start paying me for the information, that’s when I’ll give it to them.

I used to register my games all through the late 90s. I always figured that if I register, it’ll make it easier later to get a replacement disc if my nephew ruined the disc or something, since they know I bought it. Also I figured if they know the kind of games I buy, it’ll encourage them to make more games like it.

Unfortunately, neither of those two things proved to be true. When I did ruin a disc, I still had to pay like everyone else to get a replacement. And games like Thief and Independence War and Freespace 2 and System Shock 2 and Turn-based Strategy games aren’t exactly common. So around 2002, I started saying “Fuck it, I’m not going to bother to register, it makes no difference whatsoever”.