Do you report/ ignore people on online forums?

If yes, why?

I’ve occasionally reported people if they are obviously trying to start something with another poster or if they post something genuinely offensive. (blatantly racist for example)

I don’t ignore people other than just trying to not read what they say.

I chose neither. The neither option. Which was neither here nor there.



I only report ppl who claim that Australia is the worst country in Europe.


On this forum, I’ve reported obvious viral marketers and spam bots, and I have Foxstab on ignore.

I have one person on ignore in an IRC channel, otherwise, nah.

I report every post that Lynch makes.

I report spammers on forums, because a) they’re not people, and b) they’re a detriment to my enjoyment of the forum. Plus it makes me feel like an Old West sheriff’s deputy.

I only report and ignore people who suck at making polls.

I keep taking Zylon off ignore and regretting it. He makes taking the high road very difficult. Oh well, back you go…

Why has no one replied to this thread yet?

What thread?

Forums? Last time I went to post, a funny thing happened on the way…

I ignore people here who are obvious trolls. I still view their posts very often, is the weird thing, but I guess the fact that it makes me take a second to say “oh, this is a post by so-and-so, ninety-nine percent chance it’s a troll post,” minimizes the chance of it being truly annoying.

Edit: heh, I like that “I do not post on online forums” is the second most popular choice.

Hmm, a thread with no posts, not even OP. How odd!

99% of the time I will ignore someone who has stepped over that invisible line of decency etc…but once in a while I will report the person. I have never done it here, and have only done it on one site where the number of trolls tends to outnumber the legit posters. That is a sports site.

In all honesty I should mention that I troll that board as well…:)

More seriously, I report things that are truly heinous but that’s about it. I’ll send Tom PMs when I see an obvious spammer or something. Thankfully spammers are generally idiots and make it obvious with names like “LowRatesNow1254” and such.

Historically I’ve never used “ignore”, simply because it’s horrifically ineffective. Other folks still quote and respond, so thread derails dealing with idiots still happen even if I don’t personally see the post that started it. These days I’ll occasionally ignore folks for the same reason extar talks about. I can’t avoid the idiocy, but I do get a blank spot that serves as a “Warning! Dumb stuff ahead!” sign. :)

The good news is that every time I get ready to ignore someone they get themselves banned (and no I don’t report them).