Do you report/ ignore people on online forums?

I suspect it’s become the de-facto otherwise absent “Neither” choice. That’s how I treated it anyway.

What’s the over-under on Yamo Yamo’s banclock these days?


Life is too short to see what some people have to say.

I don’t bother ignoring here because it’s un/wackily moderated and you can just slag off people you don’t like. Oh, apart from Zylon but I think everyone has him on ignore.

On Metafilter I’ll flag posts if they make me grumpy, but mainly I just call them out as part of an argument.

On (my other main hangout) I’ve ignored a few posters because they give me rage, as you can’t lay into them like you can here (there’s a ‘no personal attacks’ rule).

I actually use my own brain/eyes/scroll-wheel to ignore people rather than clicking buttons. I assume people are quicker than me to report anyone deserving.

I’ve only ignored people twice.

I’ve ignored only one person here–and this is pretty much the only forum I frequent. I sometimes think I should relent, and then I read replies to the person’s posts and feel a sense of contentedness that I’m spared non-entertaining obnoxiousness.

I have no idea how to do either…so I guess I don’t post on forums.

I neither report nor ignore them, I call them imbeciles and make fun of the size of their penises. I also seduce their womenfolk and sodomize their pets. And then I get really angry!

I don’t have any womenfolk.

Never reported anyone that I can remember, anywhere.

As far as forums in general, this is the only one I frequent besides my old WOW guild’s board. I ignore people, but only because I get tricked into looking at P&R threads using the New Posts link here. I know this place has a far left bent but I just cant handle it all up in my face.

Far left? Er, n/m, you’re from Texas ;)

I’ve reported obvious spam and a couple of really egregious personal attacks. I have twelve people on my ignore list but I don’t recall seeing most of those names in a while so they may have left or been gently touched.

This is going to sound dumb but what does “gently touched” mean?


I understand why you would have some confusion here. These slang terms can be hard to keep up with, these days. For ease of explanation, I’ve chosen to illustrate the principle of the Gentle Touch, as applies on QT3, in the form of a narrative example.

Xander woke with a start. With the knowledge that something was terribly, horribly wrong. It took him less than an instant to figure out what that something was.

His foot was touching Geni’s.

The two of them had gone to sleep on either side of the small fire they’d made. But somehow during the night, they’d moved, and now…

He tried to slide his foot away, which was when he realized the situation was even worse, actually. Geni’s foot lay on top of his. Not just her foot, in fact; the whole bottom half of her leg. He was going to have to move that in order to move himself. Great. Wonderful. She’s going to wake up and think that I’m…

She groaned, as if she could read his mind then, and rolled even closer, so her face was barely a foot away from his.

He paused for a moment and looked at her.

Her long golden hair was tussled; her gown was thoroughly wrinkled; a little fleck of spittle at the corner of her mouth bubbled up as she breathed in and out. And yet…

She was still beautiful. She’d never, in fact, looked quite so beautiful to him.

I assume I don’t have to tell you who plays the role of Tom in this illustration.

Nope. Still over my head. :)



In all forums ever, I’ve only put one person on ignore. He was almost a very valuable source of information, but he consistently insulted at least one other (often oblivious) poster with each response. It was just arrogant and pathetic.

Putting him on ignore made me much happier!

I put Anax on ignore for a few days because he kept pissing me off with threadcop bullshit. Then I took him off ignore and got over it.

I wish I had the time to be dedicated enough to an online forum to develop grudges. I am jealous of all of you.