DOA movie goes straight to Google video

Doubt this will stay up very long, but I’d love to know how it happened. I’m calling it: 11 category sweep at the Oscars in 2008.

It’s been “out” for awhile, there have been “cams” of it since around September. Not sure where it would have shown, though.

— Alan

Yeah, it’s been out for a while. Given what the source material is, it’s really not that bad. Ridiculous, often tacky, and very very silly, yes, but much more watchable than, say, the Charlie’s Angels movies or anything with the words Uwe Boll in the credits. And you’ve got to laugh when the big villain is basically Peter Stringfellow in ridiculous sunglasses.

It’s been making the rounds in European and Asian theaters since September. In fact the U.S. seems to be the one major market where it didn’t get a theatrical release.

DOA is such an appropriate acronym for this movie.

Does it have gratui- I mean, extreme beach volleyball?


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Oh, man. thanks for this–I actually am enough of a fan of Corey Yuen’s Hong Kong films that I’ll watch anything he’ll direct. And I was worried I’d never get to see this before it debuted as a SciFi original film, or something.

Just the transition around the 4:37 mark from the ninja princess breaking out the hang-glider she apparently always wears to the blonde chick in the stars-n-stripes bikini makes this worthwhile viewing…


That blonde chick is Jaime Pressly, Joy from My Name is Earl. And she’s using the Joy accent, which I think is mistake.

Also Elvis’ grand daughter I believe.

cough, coughbullshitcough, cough

Yup. You’re right, I’m wrong.

God this is bad…

This would be unwatchable even with the original bra sizes.

But is it Gymkata bad?

Imagine a totally nonsensical mid-nineties straight-to-video action film.

Now imagine it with action sequences directed by a Hong Kong guy who actually knows what the hell he’s doing.

That’s the DOA movie.

Sadly, that’s enough to make it the best video game movie ever.

I had it playing in the background while I was working.

It’s kinda fun to just fast forward to the fighting bits, just be sure to turn off the sound, because the dialogue and acting made my ears bleed.

Doh, and I have actual work to do today.

The Final Fantasy movie, while not a great film by any stretch of the imagination, wasn’t bad. Definitely better than this.

Nonsense. Final Fantasy had pretensions to quality and failed to deliver. This has totally embraced its own stupidity. Let it wash over you like a wave of retardedness, purifying the mind of thought.

So, like The Big Hit, but with chicks?