Does anyone know what this is?

Take a look at this pic. The only description I have is that it’s a “Traditional Chinese Contraption”. But that may be a deception. My friend travelling China is sure I can’t guess what it is. I guessed something that weaves yarn or baskets originally, but I’m stumped.

Anyone know what this is?

Looks like some sort of play area for a pet of some kind. Possibly a mouse.

I don’t know, but this was my first thought:

Is it a scale? The weave looks like the wall behind it.

it is a toilet

It’s obviously a computer.

Could it be a scale?

Didn’t even notice Lazy Shiftless Bastard’s comment, found a image through Google

Either a nuclear reactor, or a reusable spacecraft.

It’s a pterodactyl.

Chinese curling iron for long thin hair. I shit you not.

No wait, I am shitting you.

No, wait. Automatic chicken feeder?

I was going to say that!

It’s a Bullhajj spasmodic post inducer.

Be serious! This is important.

Nutsak is right: it’s Admiral Ackbar.

No, it’s a trap.

I would say its a flower tub to be hung from a balkony or something…

Its a Seismometer