Dominions 3: Unofficial All-Purpose Megathread

Okay, let’s get this party started, or at least get some tables set up and send someone out on a liquor run. McGriddle, you’re on pork rinds.

This will be the thread where we organize games, bitch about who’s clam hoarding, openly mock rival pretenders, etc., etc., ad nauseam.

For this first pair of games, I propose we divide ourselves into two camps: MARKATA (n00bz) and BANDAR (pr0z). If you feel you’ve been cruelly mischaracterized by the way I’ve ranked you, you may fuss and holler that you’re really just a little monkey, but if enough people call you a big ape and then we’ll take the issue into arbitration.

Each group will have its own game to start. Anyone can chime in to get added to these games and/or organize additional games.

NOTE: Players listed in boldface have received their final copy of the game.

(# of current votes in parentheses)
Age: Early (2), Middle (1), Late (3)
Graphs: Enabled (1), Disabled (5)
Renaming: On (4), Off (1)
Magic Sites: 35% (2), 40% (1), 45% (0)
Random Events: Rare (1), Common (2)
Resources: Poor (0), Average (3), Rich (1)
Research: Slow (1), Average (3), Fast (0)
Hall of Fame: 15 slots
Victory: Standard (1), Victory Points (1)

PLAYERS (host underlined)
olaf --> UTGARD, Well of Urd
Mark L --> R’LYEH, Dreamlands
Warren --> MAN, Towers of Chelms
deepruntramp --> AGARTHA, Ktonian Dead
Unicorn McGriddle --> PANGAEA, New Era
indierthanthou --> T’IEN CH’I, barbarian Kings
Idar Thorvaldsen --> ULM, Black Forest
JM --> PATALA, Reign of the Nagas
snowcrash22 --> C’TIS, Desert Tombs
qfwfq --> MARIGNON, Conquerors of the Sea
Jason Lutes --> ATLANTIS, Frozen Sea

(# of current votes in parentheses)
Age: Early (8), Middle (0), Late (2)
Graphs: Enabled (5), Disabled (7)
Renaming: On (10), Off (3)
Random Events: Rare (0), Common (3)
Magic Sites: Few (1), Average (7), Many (0)
Resources: Poor (0), Average (7), Rich (0)
Research: Slow (1), Average (7), Fast (0)
Hall of Fame: 10 slots (1), 15 slots (3)
Victory: Standard (5), Victory Points (1)
Pants: Optional but not recommended (1)

PLAYERS (host is underlined)
Nick Walter --> MICTLAN, Reign of Blood
balut --> ABYSIA, Children of Flame
Jasper --> NIEFELHEIM, Sons of Winter
Mike O’Malley --> HELHEIM, Dusk and Death
jeff01 --> PANGAEA, Age of Revelry
Stormbinder --> YOMI, Oni Kings
ron_debry --> AGARTHA, Pale Ones
Hasslmaster --> VANHEIM, Age of Vanir
Rob O’Boston --> SAUROMATIA, Amazon Queens
Tom Chick --> R’LYEH, Time of Aboleths
Dave Perkins --> T’IEN CH’I, Spring and Autumn
Johan O --> KAILASA, Rise of the Ape Kings

(# of current votes in parentheses)
Age: Early (1), Middle (0), Late (1)
Graphs: Enabled (3), Disabled (2)
Renaming: On (5), Off (0)
Random Events: Rare (1), Common (4)
Magic Sites: 40% (4) 30% (1)
Resources: Poor (0), Average (5), Rich (0)
Research: Slow (0), Average (5), Fast (0)
Hall of Fame: 15 slots
Victory: Standard (5), Victory Points (0)

PLAYERS (host is underlined)
Tom Chick --> T’IEN CH’I, Spring and Autumn
Jason Lutes --> ULM, Enigma of Steel
Jonathan Crane --> MICTLAN, Reign of Blood
Brooski --> SAUROMATIA, Amazon Queens
Sepiche --> ABYSIA, Children of Flame
TheRock --> HELHEIM, Dusk and Death
Quaro --> OCEANIA, Triton Kings
Foom --> VANHEIM, Age of Vanir
Hasslmaster --> PANGAEA, Age of Revelry
Mark L --> ERMOR, New Faith
TheSelfishGene --> MARVERNI, Time of Druids

(# of current votes in parentheses)
Age: Middle
All other settings default

PLAYERS (Host underlined)
wahoo --> BANDAR LOG
Matt Perkins --> ARCOSCEPHALE
BubJustBob --> OCEANIA
Samurai --> MARIGNON
Marcin --> ATLANTIS
tmastern --> R’LYEH
Unicorn McGriddle --> PANGAEA
Mythical Mino --> SHINUYAMA
Hetzer --> T’IEN CH’I
Lloyd Heilbrunn --> JOTUNHEIM

Please email Squidz Pretenders (remember to password them) to [email protected].

Each player is also kindly requested to post votes as to the following setup variables (default values shown in parentheses):

SCORE GRAPHS (“Enabled”)
RESEARCH (“Standard”)
VICTORY (“Standard”)
RENAMING (“Not allowed”)

If anyone has any suggestions for better organization of this post, let me know and I’ll edit it.

I’m a complete n00b, please recategorize me as such.

Put me down for the Bandar game, random civ, early age. Thanks for organizing, Jason!

I might be against the score graphs enabled. Wasn’t it decided that they end up extending the games by turning them into king-killers? I’m sure the definitive answer is in the 3000+ posts of the Dom2 monster thread, but I dare not go looking for it.

Man, I can not get my copy fast enough.

It’s been a long time since I’ve sunk my teeth into a good Dom2 game, so I’m not sure if my skills are up to the Pro Game (tho at one point I think I was in 3 simultaneous Dom2 games).

Sorry Mike, I could’ve sworn you handily handed me my head in a Dom2 game once upon a time. De-evolving now.

I’ll go random in the Newbie game.

I’d like to play with slow research/rich resources though, so if that’s not the newbie game’s settings i’ll withdraw and jump into another.

My vote is complete default settings, at least for a first game. There’s time to get exotic later with different settings :)

I’ll vote on map once I actually get my copy and can look at the maps. I pre-ordered but I haven’t gotten a ship notice yet.

I’d like to join the newbie game, random civ. However, as I am European and stuff, I’ll probably get my copy some days after the rest of you, so if that causes a problem, I’ll sit this one out.

EDIT: I’ll post votes for game parameters as soon as I, uh, know what they mean.

Thanks for putting me in, Jason, and throwing me right into the shark basin. I guess you still haven’t forgiven me the game where my mageless Pythian legions trampled your haggard horde of Mictlan soldiers. :) That was like dynamite fishing fish in a barrel.

I’m OK, and honored, to be part of the Bandar gang. But - Nick Walter as Ermor?! Again? We’re so done for even now.

I got a notification by Shrapnell two days ago that my game is under way. But living where I live, it could last up to two weeks before I can hold it in my hands. I fear it could become too long a wait for you guys to start. If so, feel free to count me out.

Edit: And, Jason, those little ape icons are just adorable!

Poke me into the Bandar game. Random for now. If I learn enough about the new nations before the game starts, I might pick one.

I vote early age. And I’m with Nick - let’s stick to standard settings and see how the balance changes IW made work out.

Markata - random civ - I’m not coming within a thousand miles of HASSLEHOFF and Nick Wantyourprovincesnow…-er.

Of course I’m relying on a dodgy UK supplier for Dom3, so if you’re planning to start asap…

Isn’t $60 (plus S&H) an awful lot for the game? I didn’t even understand the first one too well and got frustrated.

Would love to join a few games, but being from Europe and away from home means I’ll be late to the party. I’ll post when I have the CD.

I dunno which bracket I go in, I kind of held my own but most of my memories are of getting my arse handed to me by Nick Walter.

Anyway, here’s to another hundred pages! hoists beer

It’s been a long time, but I am ready to get re-addicted to Dominions. :)

Put me down for Bandar game please. Random civ, probably one of the new ones. Once I get a hold on the game I will choose which one. (I’ve preorded the game, just like many other people on this forum I am sure)

BTW guys how often are you planning to host Bandur game?

EDIT: The new Oni/Jomon(sp?) race based upon ancient Japan sounds intresting to me. I think I will take it for now, once I get the game I’ll look into it more carefully, and if I will not like it I’ll select one of the races that would still be avlaibale by that time.

It was worth a try :) I probably should be in the Bandar game, I’m just trying to take advantage of ye old name change and munch on some innocents. :)

When is the game going to start? I got my preorder shipment notice Saturday but I think its going to be a few days, I had the slow shipping option.

Put me down for the suck game please. Jotunheim! I am sticking to my Bruce G tutorial.

How often will these games be hosted? The devs and beta testers are playing “slow” game which is set to 48-hour autohost, which is about the best I can manage.

Nick Walter --> ERMOR

Ok that made me laugh. :)

I’ll be signing up for games sooner or later, but I only just ordered it, and I’ll be travelling until mid-October, so I’ll probably not make it into any of the early games.

If they didn’t change the command line interface for running a background server very much, I can volunteer my server for immediate duty. My server does email notifications and allows clients to connect directly so it’s a zero-effort hosting solution.