Dominions 3: Unofficial All-Purpose Megathread

This is the thread Kelan was talking about:

If you are going into Dominions 4, than this website will be your best friend. Heck, I think I like the website almost as much as the game… I might be a bit odd.

Not at all :). I check that out all the time even when I am not playing.

That is really slick. But I don’t see unit IDs. (really necessary if one wants to use the modding tools to set up ‘practice’ battles against your enemy’s exact forces…) (not that I would waste time doing that) (though the time I did spend doing that is why I no longer play Dominions…)

Thanks for the links guys… I am not sure about joining a mp game, yet. I might start digging into this in a couple of weeks not sure.

Playing a team disciples game is one of the best ways to learn.