Dominions 5: Multiplayer Warriors of the Feint - 2018 Stabby-Stabby Edition


Yeah, I have been trying, but I don’t have enough to go around to put with every leader and every mage and keep losing some of the lower ones. Mostly just annoying right now and I have Bottle of Living Waters on my big mages.

I wish I could script a different set of commands for assassination attempts. Most are set up to buff or script for bigger open field battles and if some would do a first turn Frozen heart instead of Aim/Summon Storm Power/Air Shield or something, I would probably kill more! I do have to give the AI credit, though, as a few times my mages did a second turn Frozen Heart and they did kill some assassins on their own ignoring my combat scripts for them.


The AI likes to annoy people, since they have money.

That why you have to destroy them.


Could you please extend the turn timer one day? I will have some time tonight after work, hopefully, but not enough to finish a turn I don’t think.



Added a few more hours to the clock.


Two and a half hours to go, are you going to make it @Kelan?


Yes, almost ready. Worked on it this morning and getting back to finish up some scripts now.


Busy weekend and was out of town yesterday so will have to request another extension, please!


I understand. Palm Sunday was busy for me as well. 24 hours extended.


Long week, so I added 12 hours to the game.


Okay, I may have found a good sub for @Otthegreat. That should be helpful. He should be around to introduce himself, since I am not sure what he goes by on QT3 yet. He is from one of the Dominions Discords.


Good deal! Thanks for the help. I was going to try to take over if necessary, but it is much better to have another person step up!


Thank you! And I apologize in advance to whoever it is for the state I’m leaving Nazca in.


Okay, so I’ve added 12 hours to the clock, because we have some stragglers. I’ve also turned on quick host, so as soon as the last person turns in, we’ll get our next turn.


Thanks, that was my bad!


How is everyone doing? What’s on the agenda for everyone?


I added 24 hours to the clock and quick hosting. Just in case. If you don’t need it, please just submit your turn


Ugh, sorry. Thanks for the extension! Should be able to finish it up in morning!


I’ll need an extension of about 6 hours. On a work trip and won’t be able to submit on time.


Added 12. I too could use a bit more time this turn.


I just wanted to say hello.

Just your friendly neighbor. I hope everyone is having a good time!