Dominions 5: Multiplayer Warriors of the Feint - 2018 Stabby-Stabby Edition



Still a file not found for the 3a.rgb file. I have the Winter one alright, and the map file.


I just tried, and I get a file not found, same as Strato.


@strato @Akaoni

holy fuck, why does that keep disappearing? I check it every time i load it and it’s there - i can only imagine it’s getting flagged for some reason and getting pulled.

k, fixed again


In other news, WyldRyde3 is created and waiting for pretenders. Once you test the map, and if you’re ok with it, please submit your pretender. If you find a problem with the map, let me know and we’ll figure it out


Uploaded my pretender. The map looks good to me. Only one cave might cause the bat people some concern. I did note that the province was named Gotham City, a nice touch.


I’m just going to assume that you miscounted. There’s no way you would ever try to spread misinformation in a public forum in an attempt to gain an in-game advantage.

Nope. Never.



Well, in Dom4, he would have come back. And when he didn’t come back next turn, I dug into the manual. Turns out it takes ‘approximately’ three turns to come back. And I alloted 47 holy points of Call God that turn.

So, did you see the turn? Are the lizards still sitting on the Ur capital? I assume they are, Ur didn’t have much left after the fights with Pan. But I loaded up all the mages with gems and some nice scripting, so there might have been a big fight. Unless Ctis retreated…


Me == C’tis

Makes sense on Call God. I can’t say I’m sad about it. You have no idea how scared I was of that dragon. It basically had me stalemated until I could get just a little more time to finish some research.

The fight was… well, pretty much a big giant mess. I should have predicted you’d attack instead of staying inside the castle (given you had forces adjacent), but I didn’t, so I was scripted for an assault. Also unfortunately, I messed up the scripting on my chariots. Even so, it all worked out in the end in my favor. I’m pretty sure the dragon would have turned the tide in your favor though.

I’ll probably go back and watch that fight again, but it was so utterly chaotic… I’m not sure it’ll be worth the effort.


Things are moving in QTFuries! Pan is moving on me in the water and I have no defense there, and moving another mass of Centaur that I most likely can’t keep out for long!


Ur vs Ctis. Ctis has 300 odd troops, his pretender, and a dozen mages.
Ur has 41 real troops, 40 hawks, 32 mages.
The frustrating thing is, if Ur had more Choosen, like a dozen, I think they might have held the line against the cavalry, and might have even gotten to the mages in the back. But once the Devourer of Souls would stop casting, and go into melee, it would have been over.

As it is, there is still ONE MORE CASTLE. And Ur still has almost all those mages. Hm, I wonder what they can summon to hold this line this time?

This is just before the last Ur troops break.

Finally tally for Ur.

I have to assume that Pan and Ctis worked together on orchestrating my unfortunate
demise. If so, well played. If not, you should have! Just like you should have orchestrated that attack on Rus with Ctis, Pan! And monkeys! Feel free to take those two border provinces if you want. Its now time to prepare the final castle for a lizard roast !


@Otthegreat @Kelan

just waiting on your pretender submissions to get wyld ryde 3 started…


Sorry about that! I’m going to get that in either today or tomorrow.


On the way!


And sent. I have no idea whether this will work.


And wyld ryde 3 is on the way!

Just some notes, there are 6 level 3 thrones on the map, and since we never really set any diplomacy rules, how about every nation is free to decide on its diplomacy rules? :)


Lol, sounds good!

Sorry for the delays this week. I just got slammed at work, but should be able to get a turn in tonight. After this week things should clear up significantly.


QTFuries has finally gotten furious. Pan is doing well against Mictlan, but Fomoria just took a bunch of Pan land.

Can Pan take out Mictlan before Fomoria takes out Pan? What will Xibalba do? Tune in next turn to find out.


QTLizzies -

Apparently the only action in this game is the imminent demise of Ur. However, I have high hopes that thirty mages and a handful of chaff can clog up the gate with enough Pan bodies to force a retreat.



Sigh, I thought the system would send me a reminder like it always did. The game moved on without waiting for my turn submission (I misread the dateline too) and Ermor has marched happily into my unattended territories. Missing one game turn is as punishing as wasting a turn in Civilization games right?

I think I’ll just throw in the towel at this point. Anyone wants to take over Tien Chi?


Jeez, it’s already like 4 days between rounds, how much time did you need?

EDIT - Oh, you’re in the other game, sorry - I don’t know how many days you guys have between rounds.