Dominions 5: Multiplayer Warriors of the Feint - 2018 Stabby-Stabby Edition


I think I uploaded my pretender god correctly, so if that seems to not be the case let me know!


You’re all good, bro:



I just changed mine up, but want to test it a bit more before uploading. I thought regen used to reduce affliction chance, but it sure doesn’t seem to now. With the new Earth bless that does that, though, maybe they split it off now.


Oooohhhh. The FAQ says:

Don’t set a password, since for PBEM games they’re not helpful and occasionally annoying (e.g. if you need a sub)

Guess I’d better recreate my pretender.


I emailed my pretender but haven’t made it to the list. Do I have to do it again or does it take some time? I never got a confirmation.


It is normally pretty fast, but there are pauses sometimes for some minutes, and rarely some hours. Did you put this in the subject line exactly like this?



Did you:

1 - Create the pretender with the ‘create pretender’ function under game tools? (I forgot to mention this - not sure if it makes a difference, but it may do.)
2 - Email to pretenders@ or turns@
3 - Enter the full game name in the subject as it appears on llamaserver - QT3Furies, not just Furies

If so, maybe just give it a bit, it’s usually pretty good, but sometimes llamaserver gets swamped. It usually responds with mail confirmation at least, even if turn hosting is delayed. It’s usually pretty good at coming back advising ‘no game of that name’ or ‘invalid pretender file’ as well, from memory as well though…


I will try mine since I am pretty sure I have mine decided.

EDIT: Worked for me. I just composed a new mail message to pretenders (at) llamaserver (dot) net. Put QT3Furies in the subject line, and attached the .2h file of my pretender. For me was named early_mictlan_1.2h and located in the newlords directory. Got a confirmation email really fast.


I may have gone with “Create Pretender God for Disciples Game” by mistake - let me try it again.


I just sent it again, and again no response. I even checked my spam folder. This isn’t rocket science, so I don’t know why it isn’t working for me.

[edit]No response, but I’m on the “nations joined so far” list, so I guess I’m good to go.


Weird, I just sent a test and got a response in a couple of minutes.



Anyhoo, if the game page is reporting success, you are good to go. Wait until the game starts to see if you are experiencing any issues receiving mail from llamaserver.


A confirmation just appeared in my spam folder, so I’m guessing the issue is with Yahoo. Be that as it may, I should be ready to rock and roll (onto my back and play dead. Please don’t hurt me too badly.)


Gmail did the same, dumped it into JUNK.

Other than that, it seems the server received my MONKEY GOD just fine and the Kailasa nation for the Lizzies game is on the map! :)


Xibalba is all set to go in the Furries game. Never got a confirmation email (checked my spam folder), but I show up in the nation list on llamaserver so all’s good so far.

Edit: just got the email, just happens to be slower than I remember.


Are random events going to be rare or common? If rare, that eliminates the viability of some builds, correct? Namely Turmoil 3 Luck 3 instead of Order?


events are rare. whether that eliminates some builds, i’m not sure. when i played with some bad luck, i still seemed to suffer


I have sent my pretender for Lizzies, no confirmation yet.


it’s been registered, so keep an eye out or hunt for your email confirmation


Thanks- was in my spam folder.


Bookmarked. I’ll do this tonight.