Doom Eternal - Hell on Earth Returns

I’m really getting into a groove with this game. It took me a while to fall into the combat rhythm here, since it’s different from DOOM 2016’s, but now I’m making great headway and don’t feel like I’m constantly a step behind like I did when I first started.

I love these massive arena fights where wave after wave of the tougher enemies will spawn, and I’m forced to replay a few times in order to memorize and utilize every bit of armor, health, ammo, and gas on the map. I also get great pleasure after completing one of these big fights and looking at the map and seeing that I painted every square inch of that arena green, due to my constant running and vaulting from one end of the map to the other, using every ledge, boost pad, or swing-pipe along the way.

I’m not sure where exactly I left off, but I’m halfway through collecting keys in the Super Gore Nest map.

Of all the enemies in the game that do their best to screw me over, I think the Whiplash demon (snake thing) is easily the most frustrating for me so far. Not frustrating in a bad way, but they always seem to end up right behind me, whipping me to death from halfway across the map.

Freeze grenade those slithery f*ckers then let 'em have it!

I still wet my pants when I see a Hell Knight. Aggressive mofos.

Just reforged the crucible sword. Sooo much fun.

Goddamn fucking Marauder is a bitch and a half.

They suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck.

Replaying Doom 2016 at the moment, I’m finding Ultraviolence is a little too hard, but Hurt Me Plenty is way too easy. It turns Hell Knights from an epic one-on-one battle into a bit of an anticlimax. Anyway I guess it is forcing me to stick to Ultraviolence as much as possible - so satisfying to get through a difficulty spike on that, whereas I feel guilty if I turn it down to Hurt Me Plenty and get through it first time. I guess I have been playing too many RPGs lately.

If I move onto Eternal after this I’m going to have to get used to Hurt Me Plenty by the sounds of it.

I played 2016 on Hurt Me Plenty and wished I’d cranked it up to UV so this time I’ve started at UV. It’s tough but I’ve found it a very welcome challenge where I have to constantly think on my feet. The game ramps up quicker and has more moving parts so it feels tougher to start with than 2016 but the difficulty bump from Hurt Me Plenty to UV feels about right from my experience. I think if you’re cutting your teeth on UV you’ll be prepared for it here krok!

Oh and in other news I went back for the Slayer Gate and did it first time. Was down to my last life after missing several rushing through the level.

Show off.

Yeah, I don’t think you need to wait to do the Slayer Gates. They’re like the bonus levels from the original game. They’re tough, but winnable. Just don’t get cornered.

I had the same experience in Doom 2016, so I stuck with Ultra Violence in Eternal as well. But yes, progress is pretty slow. But it is satisfying when I do eventually get through.

The problem is I tried to get back into my UV playthrough from 2016, where I’d reached the Advanced Research Complex and had completely forgotten how the game worked! Naturally I couldn’t get anywhere, so I restarted and my confidence was shaken so I started with HMP. Long story short, I’m back on UV now after Foundry, the last fight there is epic. I still can’t find all the secrets though, although I finally figured out how to get to the Classic Map on Foundry (one of those “how the hell did I miss that?” moments) but still missed at least a couple of secrets and those campaign objectives. Oh well.

I am just trying to give myself a confidence boost in the face of my slowly deteriorating reflexes. ;)

Since I don’t have Eternal yet and withe the talk about DOOM 2016 I’m getting an itch to play that!

I’m surprised at how often I’m dying because of falling lava. Yes, the game takes some health away and puts you somewhere “safe”, but when that safe place is usually full of dangerous enemies that I jump away from, I usually end up back in the lava repeatedly until I die.

The Marauder.

Fucking hell.

Finished the game a few days ago and started a new one. Going slower, slightly different build, using the regular grenade instead of the cold one, and exploring more. The platforming is definitely easier, that lava section at the end of Exultia took me a good dozen efforts the first time, got it on one try this second time.

Yeah, I did some button remapping and found it a little less annoying.

This game provides such a good time, I’ve been having an absolute ball with it for days on end. And whenever I have to finally tear myself away from it I’m always left wanting more.

First of all, I think I need to mention that I want my fucking dog. Where’s my dog? Doomguy and his former buddies, the Night Sentinals, had dogs (and loved them so much they put statues of them everywhere), and even the corrupted Night Sentinels (A.K.A. Marauders) still have their dogs. But where’s my dog, god dammit? Sure, I get to follow one green dog whenever I visit Exultia, but until I can recruit him and team up I won’t be satisfied.

We better get dog companions in the DLC.

As for the rest of the game, I love the artwork and look of all the Argent locations. The look of the fading white brick with platinum/silver inlay everywhere, and the overall architecture and design is very reminiscent of several D3 maps released since Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls. I just love the look. The rest of the game looks good too, well, except for Earth, it just looks like any other junky setting in a video game, but so far the Argent maps are my favorite (with the science & space labs being my second favorite, because those and hell are always what what really make me feel like I’m playing an actual DOOM game).

Anyway, I’ve spent the last couple days replaying all the earlier maps, making sure to 100% them and unlock all the upgrades on my Castle DOOMship as much as I can, because I’m about to start map 10 and the game is telling me there won’t be any coming back for them after doing so.

The Marauders don’t bug me as much as they first did, as long as I have room to actually fight them. The biggest problem I had with the first encounter was the feeling that I just couldn’t get away from the fucking thing, but like all things DOOM Eternal, persistence, repetition, and muscle memory made the best practice for me. They still kill me, but not 100 times in a row any more, and usually when I just don’t expect them. When I have room to get away from them they become much more manageable.

Anyway, these are just my scattered random thoughts.

I can’t really afford this game yet. But from what I’m reading, I should fire up Doom 2016 again.

You totally should, it’s a blast! Play on Ultraviolence, don’t be a wuss like I was to start with, it’s epic and it forces you to use a wider selection of weapons and abilities to survive, which I hear is turned up to 11 in Eternal. You will die at times, for sure, but it’s a “damn, I know I can do this” kind of death, not a “fuck this shit” kind of death.

I know a box quote when I read one. :smile: