Dr. Strange 2....It is going to happen. (Multiverse of Madness)

So we watched the original Dr. Strange movie on some cable channel last night and neither of us remembered the second scene during the credits, where Mordo takes away the power from the guy who had healed himself using it. Curious I went to the internet and discovered that the director of the first film has now been hired to direct a second one, although he will not write the screenplay.

It is expected that Mordo will be the bad guy as in the comics him and Dr. Strange don’t get along.

I’m excited about that. His movie was fun, and his appearances in Ragnarok and Avengers were highlights for me.

Thoughts about where Dr. Strange 2 could go. I don’t think you can consider them spoilers at this early date.


Did the first one have any female characters?

Now that I try and think back, I want to say yes but I don’t remember. I just think Benedict Cumberbatch is so awesome so I just focused on him. I think there was some cool fight scenes with bad women.

Doctor Lady was played by Rachel McAdams.

The ancient one and Strange’s doctor lady friend.

The Ancient One - Tilda Swinton

I see you found her name as memorable as I did!

Dr Strange is my most-watched Marvel movie at this point. I don’t think it’s the best one in the series by any measure, just every time I’m just scrolling through Netflix and looking for something I don’t have to pay attention to to put on in the background while I’ll working on something else, it comes up and I’m just like “ok, alright”.

That said, a big part of that is that I loved the character as a kid, and the movie did an amazing job of translating that to the screen. I do have a little trepidation, as Guardians 2 just wasn’t as good as the first, despite being the more-of-the-same that we all wanted. But I want to believe. Same director and actors? Sign me the hell up.

I have hopes for 2 potentially being better than 1 (which I liked) because we’re past the origin. The awkward thing about the first movie is that the MCU recycled Strange’s comic book origin- “asshole falls, then seeks redemption as a hero” - to make the first Iron Man.* Movie 2 should allow us to get beyond such comparisons.

But even if it’s not better I will go see it on the big screen, just for the trippy special effects.

*A long time ago, at the dawn of Marvel comics, Tony wasn’t an asshole, just a dashing genius millionaire playboy.

And an alcoholic. Which was why I was initially excited to see RDJ in the part- I felt he could bring a bit of that side of it to the role. But they never really went there, except a little bit in IM2. Which I’m surprisingly fine with, in hindsight.

I think perhaps the best part of the first Dr. Strange movie was how different the effects were from the other origin movies and superheroes. Now with a second movie that may be tough to top, but with an interesting story, and seemingly based on the morality issues Morad went thru, then perhaps the bad guy could be interesting as well. Perhaps only the second Captain America movie was actually better than the first for most of the Marvel characters.

I read the thread title as Dr. Strangelove 2 and the first post just didn’t make any sense at all (Kubrick is dead) then I re-read the thread title…

I need to go to bed.

That was Rachel McAdams? I saw this movie on tv like 2 nights ago and for sure I thought lady doctor was Pam from the Office… granted, I was not paying 100% attention but still.

Fingers crossed for demon baseball in the sequel.

Me too. I was really confused

Well, they did do Ego the Living Planet for GotG2, and who could have predicted that? I don’t think anything is off the table here.

I make the same mistake when I see her. They strike me as very similar.