Dragon Age: Inquisition

I’ve started Inquisition 3-4 times and I always stall out near the end of Hinterlands because it’s kind of boring… How much more interesting does it get after that?

The Hinterlands are the single worst and most boring zone in the entire game.

Well I am specifically talking about the Broodmothers.

DA:O actually had a pretty interesting foundation started. I didn’t see it expanded much with DA:2 (which I didn’t finish), and I don’t know about DA:I.

It certainly has an intriguing cohesiveness with how different groups interact with others and why as well as why specific groups even exist.

DA2 's scope means we don’t really learn a ton more about the larger picture (aside from the whole red lyrium thing that I wish they hadn’t run with). Inquisition has a ton of new info though.

yeah it really opened up with the high heavens or whatever–the fade?

I guess 2 does have a lot more about the Qunari and the Qun. I know Origins has a Qunari party member but I never used him because he was boring next to Alistair and Shale, so it’s possible he tells you all that stuff, but I suspect there’s still new info.

instead of the cat japanese kilrathi of wing commander, we now have orc muslims in dragon age.

I always hated the game mechanic where you are forced to choose between the best party members for combat or take the one person who is related to the quest/area to get more story.

I never associated them with Islam at all. They seem much more Eastern in philosophy; more like a blend of Confucianism and… other stuff.

I just wish I could get DA:I on Steam or GoG. Really don’t want to deal with that Origin garbage.

That’s what happened to me. I pushed through the last time but it didn’t help any - the game bored me. I mean, I did have some fun initially, but after some time it just became repetitive. Even with all its faults, I had more fun with DA2.

They’re also not orcs. I mean, there are no orcs in the setting, period, but darkspawn are the nearest equivalent. Qunari are giants. Well, the main race that’s identified as Qunari, since technically any follower of the Qun is a Qunari and any member of that race that’s abandoned the Qun is Tal Vashoth.

Anyways, I’ll look for some inventory and wartable mod recommendations for this game before replaying it proper.

The Qunari remind me of some versions of civilized minotaur more than orcs, no, not the horns.

I just want to thank @Fifth_Fret for reviving this thread. It was fun discussing Bioware games again. I think I’ll definitely follow the advice upthread and set the difficulty on easy when I finally get around to playing this. I only played about an hour of Dragon Age: Inquisition, but it was right after I’d finished Witcher 3 so it was a bad idea, and I hated that combat against trash monsters took forever in comparison to Witcher 3.

Despite it’s size, Dragon Age 2 adds a lot more lore than people seem to give it credit for, IMO. Basically:

  • Much, much more context and texture to the Mage/Templar conflict. Although the third act is a bit rubbish, there are a lot of subquests and lore centered around this conflict that is really good and sets up what could have been a fantastic ending.
  • This is the game where the Qunari are defined (in DA:O, they’re just a horned companion with a weird honor code).
  • Legacy DLC introduces big bad Corypheus

Bioware’s turn to bland MMO mechanics and quests made both DA:I and ME:A significantly worse than their predecessors, IMO, although Inquisition has a few quests/areas that show the flashes of the old Bioware brilliance such as the Attack on Haven and its aftermath as well as Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts. It also, of course, adds a lot of new lore to the DA world, especially in the DLC.

The popular wisdom is that you need to leave the Hinterlands as soon as you are able. The Hinterlands is the least interesting zone, and if you compulsively finishing everything in it before you move on, you’ll all be overleveled for the rest of the game.

I’d really need some citations here. Origins has a lot to say about the mage/templar conflict, and I don’t recall DA2 contributing anything that hadn’t already been covered in the first game ad nauseam. What it does do is show both sides acting extremely unreasonably and self-destructively (granted, supposedly this is the influence of red lyrium), while Origins had a more nuanced portrayal where both sides had good points instead of both sides being obnoxiously stupid. Now, it did have the potential to shed further light on things, since the Grey Warden if mage is a Circle mage, and Hawke-as-mage is an apostate. The difference in perspective could be really valuable. But as far as I can recall, they never really explore that.

Does it actually have anything to say about him that you couldn’t learn in Inquisition? Genuine question - Legacy came out so late after I was super, super done with DA2 that I don’t think I even knew it existed until Inquisition was like “and of course Hawke ran into this dude” and I’m like “I did?”

I was let down by the reuse of the Big Bad in DAI.

Well it might have added more but every time I think about launching it again I ask myself, wait was this the 5th or 10th time I’ve been down the same dang alley and what bandits were these again? I think the main goal was a tunnel or something with a dwarf, maybe.