Dragon Age: Inquisition


Just had an indoors battle and the tactical camera is glued to the floor. I am THIS close to just giving up on this game.

Perhaps I’ll give it a test run on a controller, but generally I’m not a fan of those…


I much prefer playing Inquisition with a controller. There are lots of little UI details that are just easier/smoother with a controller. Switching characters? Just press up or down on the d-pad. Picking up loot? Just stand next to it and press A.

Those blue lines are your barrier (mage spell).


Seconding the controller choice.

Also, get a mod that makes picking up loot/flowers/etc. instant.


I don’t think you need to switch to controller - I didn’t use one - but the tactical camera is awful and will make your life worse. Just go third person action and let the NPCs do their thing on their own mostly. In my experience this is actively more effective than trying to play the game like Origins.


Agreed, the mouse+keyboard UI is excellent in DA:I. Just don’t use the tactical camera and play on normal difficulty. The combat isn’t really the draw of DA:I, it’s all about exploration and story.


Hehe… Thanks for the tips!

Will fire up the game again later and give it another try. I really miss the tactical feel from DA:O and struggle with the rotation and angle and “driving” the cursor as opposed to the old “click to go”.

Guess I need to rethink it more like Witcher action with companions and less like Baldurs gate / XCom team strategy games.


The strategy aspect does exist on the hardest difficulty setting, where you need to pause all the time and give orders. You can give that a shot if you like, I didn’t enjoy it. You fight 10 million combats in this game, it would be exhausting to have to micromanage combat every time you accidentally aggro a crocodile or whatever.

Honestly, I played on easy so the combat basically resolved itself.


Honestly it’s pretty easy even on hard. Eventually I knocked it down to easy just to speed things up.


It doesn’t autoresolve in your favor on hard all the time, you need to intervene. The trials in the last DLC can make it even harder too.


To be clear, I’m talking about Hard, not Extreme. I found on Hard I could pretty much just spam all my cooldowns and win with minimal fuss unless the enemy had a big level advantage or expected some sort of active evasion of particular attacks. (So, giants and dragons required at least a little effort. Not much, though. Dragons are mainly just a pile of way too many HP.)


So I guess at some point I will have no option but to choose between the mages and Templars? I think I am pretty much at that stage now. I imagine once I do the shit really hits the fan?


Yes, it influences the story for the rest of the game. Whichever one you fight against, you see less of that type of enemy, the NPCs hanging around your castle change, and the quests are different for a bit.


So I finished DA:I yesterday. I would have to put it third behind DA:O and DA2. In putting it third I don’t think it is a bad game, I just like how the others worked better. I found trying to play DA:I like DA:O was nearly impossible, the game just isn’t designed to let you do that.

Things I liked.

I liked the character interaction. The best part of the game is listening to your other party members talk to each other, and for the most part that gets better as the game goes along. The card game was a nice touch as well.

The combat was okay but often to easy. I played on regular mode and when you reach a point, fairly early in the game, most battles become quite easy.

The game involves crafting and collecting materials. Some of this is fine, some of it is overkill. But you only have to do what you want. You can make good weapons and armor, but you will also find good weapons and armor.

The re-introduction of past games characters. Who isn’t a Varrick fan? I did find it odd at first that they changed some what the appearance of some of them. I was also surprised by one near the end of the story, which left a question that I don’t think is ever answered.

What I Didn’t Like.

I couldn’t control all my party in combat. They tended to ignore certain commands, like hold.

Puzzles, god I hate puzzles. I know Baldurs Gate had them but it was easy to go online and find the answers at some forum. Even with youtube videos I couldn’t figure out at least one of the puzzles in this game which kept me from exploring an area.

Let’s face it, the plot is rather poorly explained. This is not a killer but they could have done better. Also early on there is little explanation on how to do some of the crafting. Given time I figured it out.

Cut scenes. There is a lot of cut scenes in this game. Much of the story exposition is done thru cut scenes but I think if you use them too much you risk losing immersion.

Overall a good game and one I will probably at some point re-play. Not a negative, but I did find it strange that as a male character I had more romanceable men than women. I also liked that old style female armor didn’t exist, except on a certain character who came from the first game. Bioware has obviously been paying attention.


The game is easy even on Hard. Ultimately I ended up turning down the difficulty all the way just to spend less time in combat. Well, easy except for a few of the encounters in the DLC, anyway.


I need to switch to easy mode so I’ll finally get around to finishing this on the PS4. I would really like to see how everything plays out one of these days.


The grand ball or whatever at the Empress’ palace is one of the high points in CRPGs of the past 10 years. The rest, ehh, not so much.


I play every game on normal. This one could have easily been played on hard.

I think there were several cool scenes in this game. The Grand Ball at Empress Celine’s was one. The card game at Skyhold was another. The scene after the destruction of Haven when the people sing that song.

And as I said above, the best part of any Dragon Age game is the banter between the characters in your party. The Iron Bull, who was voiced by Freddie Prinze jr., which I find amazing, had some pretty crazy dialogue.


One of the saddest things I’ve read is people not realizing that there was party banter because they rode mounts everywhere, and when you’re mounted there is none. Don’t do this. The mounts barely increase your traversal speed and the sacrifice is enormously not worth it.


I never even considered using a horse in DA. I am not sure why you would unless you thought that was just some wonderful feature you couldn’t live without.


Apparently it was much requested or something. I don’t get it either.