Dragon's Dogma 2 - AKA GOTY Year TBD

Look, we obviously need a dedicated DD2 thread. Previews started hitting this week thanks to TGS and a preview event in San Francisco. Isla from Easy Allies has hands on impressions here:

No date announced yet, but it looks pretty far along so I’m hopeful for next year.

It looks like the pawns are the same loveable idiot savants that they were back in the day, and I’m all here for it. I kinda wonder if they borrowed some of the Monster Hunter Palico interactions, where pawns start to blabber about their respective masters exploits (and shortcomings).

And while we’re at blabbering, Grigori (ya know…the namegiving Dragon) is also back with his original voice actor.

Anyways, totally here for it. Game of the year, every year, any year.

These Elder Dragons always be poppin’ hearts in they mouths like cherry sours.

The Mystic Spearhand they showed in videos looks cool as heck.


I’m concerned that a Dragon’s Dogma sequel will draw too many lessons from other successful games instead of boldly/foolishly charting its own idiosyncratic path like the original did. Especially after ten years. Is Capcom bringing it back for the name recognition boost, or are they bringing it back because the developers still have some tricks up their sleeve? I’m worried it’s the former, but I’m hopeful it’s the latter.

More of the same is just what I want.

Never played the original, but it’s 5 rocks on steam, so gonna give it a shot.

The first Dragon’s Dogma was a shadow of what it was supposed to be, a tragic tale of deadlines and budgets. It is my understanding that the reboot is “what it was supposed to be in the first place”; the first part had some vestigial reminders that there were supposed to be several races (elf ears in the character generator) and a map that was only half-filled, and a main quest that had pacing issues left and right.

This time we’re supposedly getting the full package. I’m cautiously optimistic, and as others said: we do indeed want more of the same, as the basics were there, and they were great* (terms and conditions apply, check with your local dragon to see if Dragon’s Dogma is suitable for you and all that jazz).

Kentaro Miura may be dead, but his legacy still lives on here. This is about as close as we ever got to a proper Berserk game, even with the serial numbers filed off.

I mean, the archer doesn’t have a reticle OR a lock-on. I don’t know how you can get more foolishly idiosyncratic than that. It also still has no co-op despite that seeming like an obvious thing to add, and very en vogue in modern games. They’re also stuck with the original game’s aggressively old school DnD art direction which I find utterly charming. These are all big boosts to my confidence in the game.

Everything I’ve seen so far looks like pure Dragon’s Dogma, for better or worse.

Amen to that. I’m cautiously optimistic.

Is the original crazy hard?

No, it’s not. The Bitterblack Isle expansion is really hard, but the main game is not.

Not at all, certainly not by the standard of “Souls” games and the like. It’s got what, for me (as someone that’s played plenty of action RPGs but never been especially good at the action part) seemed like a very reasonable (and very satisfying) difficulty curve.

No, it was crazy fun. Since the game is open world it is kinda like ER in that you could wander the map and suddenly arrive at some place much more difficult. But the game has a main story and quests that will tell you where to go if you need it.

Cool, appreciate all the input. I have had fun with games like this that let me take my time approaching them (e.g. AC Odyssey, H:ZD)

Yeah, as Scuzz said it’s very much got that “if this is too hard, go off and do something else then combe back when you’re stronger” thing going. And the combat is just ridiculously fun, especially the rogue classes that can climb the big monsters.

I’m cautiously optimistic after all these years. I am also really hoping the respawning, low-level fights of extreme tedium are not a characteristic of the original that they bring forward.

Considering what they did with Devil May Cry 5, I’m not worried at all. It will be awesome.

Cautiously psyched for this.

DMC 5 was a tremendous game where they messed up a few small things and annoyed some of the true believers. A bit of Itsuno’s genius is accidental. Maybe we’ll see something similar here.