Dragon's Dogma 2 - AKA GOTY Year TBD

I loved everything about DMC 5, so chances are I’ll love everything about DD2. I can’t speak for others though, of course.

The one thing I remembered about the original was it was very easy to miss side-quests if you continued to follow the main quest. There are many points in the game, certain event milestones, that turn off prior side-quests. I think I actually used a guide in order to avoid missing stuff. It reminded me of Deadly Premonition actually in how that game did it’s side content also.

I just hope they allow you to play multiple characters and have multiple character saves this time around.

I loved the story though! There’s no nonsense. It’s just a game about a person who lives in a hideously incestuous fishing village where everyone is their cousin, and then a dragon steals their heart, because it’s an asshole, and then you gotta go kill the asshole dragon.

10 out of 10. Brilliant.

I’m doing mage stuff so far. Are there subclasses? Or just mixing up the three?

Not subclasses, more like prestige classes - every base class forks into 3 possible advanced variants that have their own development. In short, as you go along you’ll get an increasing number of options and you can switch pretty freely between them - in fact it’s really the only sensible thing to do. I think by the time I finished my original playthrough I’d topped out the original rogue class, all three of its prestige fork classes, and was messing around with some of the mage classes on the side. It sort of becomes a “right tool for the job” thing. It’s one RPG where you’re not going to run out of stuff to level up, that’s for sure.

Ok, cool. My level is still in single digits, so just getting started.

Yup, rest assured there are a LOT of really fun character development options in your future. :)

Basically there are 3 classes, 3 “advanced” versions of those classes and 3 “hybrid” classes.

But all the classes are pretty decent in their own right. Assassin and Ranger are arguably better at doing what they do than the basic vocations and if you don’t want to do support Sorcerer is better than Mage (but odds are you still want a Mage for the support stuff).

Several interviews, and quite a bit of new information rolling in…

To highlight a few key points: next to no loading screens, pawns are even chattier than before, and the game’s sequel improves mostly on world interactions QOL features - the game’s core mechanics are mostly untouched. Game runs on Capcoms Resident Evil engine.
Cautiously optimistic here. Watching the progress with great interest.

Sounds fantastic, this one can’t get here soon enough.

How is that even possible? I suppose they must mean outside combat, but still.

I’m a few hours in. The start is quite slow, but I had to bail part way through a dungeon last night because things got a bit hairy. Looking forward to getting the ability to fast travel, since it was a hike back from that place to the starting town (the only place I can sell anything…though maybe madeleine is still at the encampment)

Fextralife posted a 10 minute video that came out of an hour-long play event they participated in. Still sounds good!

I wonder if wolves will still hunt in packs…

Dude! Don’t prod my PTSD. It’s weak to fire… :D

Please please please let this be as good as it sounds!!
I love the pawn system and how it can sometimes make you OP and the first time a pawn pointed out a cave entrance to explore because he was there in another game blew my mind.

Are you saying you … ill like fire?

Aye, I hope the Devs are … doubly sure of their destination.

We should rest here.

We may find aught of use.

It bears the head of a cock!