Drats! What was that Korean Zombie TV show on Netflix?

I will delete this thread unless there isn’t one.

Ok Now I have to figure out how to delete a thread. Thx HS!

The traditional method of deleting a thread is to follow this series of steps:

  1. change either the title or first post to something like “Delete me”
  2. wait while everyone and their brother piles in with (funny?) comments
  3. profit!

And eventually the thread either drops out of contention or actually gets deleted by a mod.

Thread also needs resident zombie mythology expert @tomchick to chime in on how the Koreans understood/misunderstood zombie mythology and how right/wrong was their interpretation.

This shouldn’t have been that hard to find.

@telefrog you make the critical assumption that search works and that it returns what you’re looking for. In my experience it’s always rather hit or miss.

Kingdom is the most insightful appropriation of zombie mythology since Alex Garland and Danny Boyle made it a direct metaphor for virulent disease in 28 Days Later.

Also, I really liked Kingdom! What a fantastic hybrid of Western HBO-style storytelling with Korean style and history. Plus Doona Bae. She’s totes adorbs.


I loved that it used the real-life cannibalism and royalty-vs-peasants issues of the Joseon Dynasty and reframes it with zombies.

Ah sorry for the thread. It didn’t come up on a few searches and I got frustrated following the stream.