DREDGE - Eldritch Fishing RPG! (2023)

Yeah Unsettling is a good term. I just made it to a new location and some weird stuff starting happening. Also just upgraded my hull so more space is good.

There are 128 different fish apparently.

I prefer the 3D view in Dredge compared to the top down view in Sunless Seas / Skies.

Also, Dredge feels more relaxed to me as I have more agency in choosing when to seek danger
rather than danger being thrust upon me.

Thanks for the input on this one, I’ll now have to give this a serious ponder as to whether to go ahead and take the plunge.

Yeah, this is me as well.

I also like that it has the same sort of spooky vibe and an art style that reminds me a bit of Massive Chalice, particularly some of the coastline imagery I saw in the trailers.

I had no idea this was on Xbox- all the mentions have been Steam/Switch- but it popped up on the store there. I’ll assume it’s on PS as well. Anyone care to opine on Xbox vs Steam Deck for it?

It’s not so much a matter of it being a lot or not in isolation as me being so overly stuffed to absolute bursting with games that it doesn’t trigger my “buy it now” instinct at that price.

That’s fine and a good reason. £18.99 is not a lot though for a new release is all I am saying.

With tax, it’s $27.16. About 10 dollars too much for me as an impulse buy.

Even on a payday Friday.

It is on PlayStation. But I just noticed it’s $8.50 CAD more on the PlayStation Store versus the Nintendo eShop for the same non-deluxe version.

I like it. It’s kinda relaxing, though i think the tetris mechanic could be removed. sure, it’s fine in terms of storing the fish, but is this really adding anything when i have to rotate items for upgrades?

Some questions for those playing (that i havent been able to figure out)…

The game mentions being tired/needing to rest, but I dont notice any kind of display for this? Also, does it even have any game impact(being tired)?

what’s with the red mist areas that only show up with your light? I’ve sat idle in them waiting for something?? I’m not sure what’s supposed to happen…

I’m playing on stream on an Xbox Series X, seems to run well so far.

Which platform do you stream on, Harkonis? I’d be interested in checking more of this game out on someone’s stream.

I played through the demo and got the same vibe: It didn’t seem super stressful, but there was some creepiness around the edges of the activities. The demo has a lot of unlocks which say “Not available in demo version”, so there’s definitely an incentive to get the full game.

twitch, can get there easily by harkonis.com as well.

Thanks for explaining the dredge mechanic to me on stream, Harkonis.

I ended up buying the gamethis morning on PS5. Why? I fired up the demo again on the Switch to play for a bit, thinking I’d confirm my interest. And the loading times were painful. Of course the PS5 is wonderfully fast, and I’m also finding that I’m a lot better at fishing on the PS5. I’m guessing because of the silky smooth 60 fps?

I played for several hours this morning and I have to say that the gameplay loop just works so well for me. Chill, fish, sell, upgrade, follow quests. And occasionally freak out because you stayed out too late and it’s fucking scary out there after dark.

I think I’m stuck…ish. I could probably finish with some persistence, but that feels a bit off. I’m going to put the issue in a spoiler tag. I’ve started over, which is fine since I missed a couple things in my first game anyway.

I don’t have enough research to get the rod with Abyssal on it, which I believe is required in order to get one of the relics. I had prioritized other things and made a bad assumption there would be enough research for everything. I think I can get research from the vendor as well as from dredging, but those seem RNG based and I need a lot. Did I miss a way to get a lot more research?

Also, just a warning, there are at least a couple timed quests that I found. The guys in robes that ask for fish will die if you don’t bring them back to them in time (not sure how long).

I’m really interested in this, is it Strange Horticulture levels of good, or Sunless Seas level? AKA is it that charming/interesting as I think with eldritch bits, or is it more Eldritch with a Rogue grind to it?

On the abyssal rod:

A quest giver will give you an abyssal rod, you’ll need to upgrade it to farm hydal, but the quest chain contains one research piece, so this shouldn’t be a problem

A separate spoiler regarding the one above

The quest giver you’re looking for is the researcher on the pirate isle, in the southwest corner. Her quest line is not terribly well-written, and you’ll need to go back to the research station twice to complete it, even if you thoroughly explored it the first time. I thought it was wanting me to dredge up the part, so i spent considerable time(and deaths) trying to fish/dredge up the piece, only to find it much later just sitting in the stupid station.

On the timed quests, they are particularly annoying since one of them (that i know of) can’t actually be completed until you have an abyssal rod, which i never got until it timed out. Poor quest-writing, but i’m hoping its not terribly important…

It’s…ok. It’s more of a relaxing vibe kind of game. I think it sets the mood right, and piloting your boat is remains fun throughout. I think it’s more like stray than anything - really cool to move through, but not quite solid as a ‘game’ game. Maybe baby’s first eldritch game? ymmv. But it does solidly get mood - has there ever been a game to convey so well that scene in jaws where they go out at night and hit the flood lights in the fog?

Thanks @pyrhic. I missed that.

I completely agree with the sentiment that it nails the mood, but isn’t really a solid ‘game’ game.

glad to hear it, I do think it’s a pretty chill, relaxing game with bursts of excitement.

MAJOR BUG: Don’t upgrade to the T4 hull!

You’ll lose everything that’s attached to your vessel (and maybe anything in your vessel too), more importantly, one of the things you lose is your dredge tool, which cannot be bought, so after you upgrade, you can no longer dredge. Apparently the devs are aware of this. Unfortunately, i ran into it, so i lost all my cool upgrades…