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@Dave_Perkins your hand


1 intrigue card, coming up @Ginger_Yellow

Bypass Protocol - Acquire a card that of 3 Persuasion or less OR Pay 2 spice to acquire a card that costs 5 Persuasion or less to the top of your deck

it’s for @Ginger_Yellow … didn’t look at the spoiler

Well, that was dumb of me. Good catch.

Wait, why wasn’t there a call for intrigue cards for the conflict? The intrigue cards are played in turn order, right?

Yes, I definitely played as if the combat was for the card showing on @Ginger_Yellow’s pictures. And also we need to get our shizzle straight when it comes time to play intrigue cards. Do you guys think they are all played simultaneously or something? Have I got that rule wrong?

yes, I re-read the rules. We played our intrigue cards during reveal phase, but there is an explicit combat phase, beginning with the start player. Everyone can play an intrigue card or pass, then the next person can do the same.

Only if everyone passed playing intrigue cards, the combat phase is over.

So you can pass first, the other player plays intrigue, then you can play your intrigue card etc…

Let’s do this correctly from now on since the next conflict cards will get bigger bonus to fight for.

@newbrof at some point, I believe that I bought a card that gives me $4 when I reveal, but I have yet to see it. Would you mind just verifying that it’s in my deck somewhere?

I will do in a couple of hours, when I am at home…

Thanks! I’m sure it is, but damn it feels like a long time hiding in my draw pile.

I checked the thread, good catch. It is “Firm Grip” you bought for 4P… I make sure, that it is in your draw pile…

@Ginger_Yellow You won the lottery of being first player, a new dawn arrises in Arrakis, cofefe
Just wanted to make sure this did not got flooded by administrative paper work…

I will do my turn when I get back from work in a couple hours, though we can still rerun the combat with intrigue cards

I play zero intrigues

my troops watch the conflict play out behind the fence of their training barracks. Some of them wave …

None from me

I just scrolled back through the thread, attempting to find the current combat strengths of each person, and gave up. I’ll also give up on that conflict. No intrigue cards.

My hand:

I play an intrigue card:

My influence with the Fremen increases by one, giving me a VP

I play Bene Gesserit Initiate to visit Sietch Tabr
I draw one card using the card power:


I gain one troop, which I commit to the conflict with one more from my garrison
I gain one water


@Dave_Perkins Firm Grip is in your draw deck (2 cards in the draw deck)

your hand


if you need more information, let me know.