Ebook Bargains


Since many of us have non-Kindle ebook readers and with Calibre we can always take any ebook and strip the DRM and side-load it onto our devices, I think a platform-agnostic ebook bargain thread is needed.

To kick it off B&N is offering ten Ray Bradbury ebooks at $1.99 each:


If you want something for a Halloween mood, October Country or Something Wicked are tough to beat.

Also, Kobo has a silly trivia contest going where you can get codes for a percentage off an ebook. I say it's silly because you get to keep trying until you get the answer right and get the coupon. The coupons are good for 10%-75% off selected titles, but I find that they sometimes work on other titles too. Here's the link:



Just spotted this QT3er’s book listed for free on Amazon:


Kobo often has discount coupons, including unlimited use 50% off coupons which I use frequently. If you head on over to the Mobileread site and check out the Deals forum and the Kobo thread is stickied.


Brandon Sanderson (of [I]Mistborn[/I] and finishing [I]Wheel of Time[/I] fame) has got his phenomenal [I]The Way of Kings[/I] on sale @ Amazon for $1.26 at the moment.


One of his best in my opinion. Looking forward to the sequel.


The sequel must be coming out soon. I’m sure that’s why the publisher cut the price. I grabbed it. Thanks for the tip Armando.


I think it was scheduled for spring, like Feb/March. Great book though.


I was hoping for this one.


Thanks for sharing my little ebook, Mark.

Amazon just put my (first) urban fantasy on sale for me. I don’t seem to be able to control the pricing which is a bit annoying. Anyway it’s normally $4.99 and is on sale for $2.99. http://amzn.to/1cR4i20.


I’m still seeing it at 4.99 thanks for Amazon who always adds 2 bucks for every ebook I purchase. Yay not being american.


I’m American and it’s $4.99 for me too.

While I’m here, I just noticed that Michael Langlois’ pretty solid Cthulhoid horror novel Bad Radio got a sequel, Liar’s Harvest. So I went to Amazon to see what it’d run me, and it turns out that both books are currently available for the low, low cost of free for Kindle: Bad Radio and Liar’s Harvest.

Edit: ooh, because they just announced a coop boardgame based on the main character’s exploits during WWII.


Free is good. Thanks for pointing those out.


Mageborn Book One by Michael G. Manning is /r/FantasyBookclub 's book of the month for November, which lead me to discover that it’s also on sale (on US Amazon, at least) for $0.99, with the option to add the Audible audiobook for $2.99 more after purchase which is, uh, crazy. Hell, it’s also a Matchbook, so you could get the paperback, ebook, and audiobook for approximately $16.50 if you really wanted to.


There’s a whole bunch of volumes of Year’s Best SF and Year’s Best Fantasy available for $1 each on Amazon right now. SF appears to be volumes 1-11 (except, mystifyingly, #10), Fantasy goes through #5.

That’s several hundred pages of at least ostensibly high quality short fiction in those genres per dollar. Seems like a bargain to me!


Looks like these are also available at $1 in the Nook and Kobo stores. I didn’t check iBooks but I wouldn’t be surprised to find them there as well. So if you have an e-ink reader you can probably avoid sideloading by buying from your store of choice.


I’ve got a few volumes of these and found them rather enjoyable in paper. At least when I was reading, they would also run a contest to have artists do a piece or two for each story as the year went on, so you got some great imagery, too. No idea if that will translate well to the e-reader experience, though.


Yeah, it’s worth checking your store of choice. I’m just only ever going to report Amazon because that’s the only store I care about personally.


Any word on Tim’s Urban Fantasy pricing snafu? I’m up for trying something other than the Dresden files. I’m okay with a necromancer, as long as he doesn’t inexplicably start exploring the BDSM side of his writer’s personality with a couple of love interest characters halfway through the series.


Whoa! Checks - still on - well, $1.99!


Sorry about that. I didn’t change the price, that was something that Amazon did for unknown reasons. It’s back to it’s normal price of $4.99.

As far as the main character, he’s not into anything like that. There is a bit of romance but not pages and pages of it. I like writing action and dialog. If nothing else give the Kindle sample a whirl. Note. The book is stand alone for now. It has an ending with no tacked on cliff hangers. I have outlined a sequel but I need to get a new book into my publisher before I start on Many Ways to the Grave.