Ebook Bargains


Sadly, the Kindle format they use doesn’t seem to work with the Send to Kindle tool I use and love. Looks like I have to manually move the books to my Kindle.

How exactly does the thumbnail cover get linked to the book?


Run it through Calibre, convert it to a new .mobi, and then send it. Also, make sure you download the new metadata within Calibre. I’ve run into some issues with the books covers on my iPad, and making sure the two amazon numbers (ASN, and mobile-ASN?)


Ancillary Justice, by Ann Leckie is on sale for $2.99 at Amazon and I assume other e-book retailers.
Its the only novel ever to have won the Nebula, the Hugo and the Clarke awards. Ive had this on my list to grab for a while but held off due to my massive novel backlog. For this price, I figured I may as well get it now.


Oh the Ancillary series is so, so good. Enjoy!


Here is the Amazon link:



Thanks! Have had it on my list for awhile now, but just wasn’t ready to pull the trigger @ $9.99.

While picking it up, I noticed that The Girl with all the Gifts is also $2.99 (it was an also viewed), if anyone is interested. It’s an interesting take on zombies.


Thanks for the heads up! Been wanting to try this.


Free post apocalyptic fiction at Amazon. The preview says .99 but it’s free for a limited time. Haven’t read this one before, don’t have a recommendation either way.



New Fandom and Philosophy Humble Bundle:

Anyone heard of these “… & Philosophy” books?


Free is good but be advised that this is the first book in a 9 book series.


They’ve been around a long time. I have never read a full one, but I used to flick through a bunch of them when Borders was still a thing. They are basically (assuming my prior experience holds true here) a collection of essays about how a pop culture thing relates to various philosophical problems or schools of thoughts. Be prepared for some tenuous links, like when I picked up the Seinfeld and Philosophy book and saw a very long essay about the philosophical implications of “a show about nothing”.


Surely You’re Joking, Mr. Feynman! free right now with Amazon Prime for Kindle.


Oh man that book is so damned good. I was sadly not familiar with Feynman at all before reading it, and after reading it, I consumed practically every lecture of his I could find on YouTube.


You sure that’s free? I see it as part of a subscription to Kindle Unlimited but I think it’s $6.55 (for me) otherwise.


They may have changed their page because I clicked the button that said “Read for Free” and it downloaded it to my kindle Fire. I do not have Kindle Unlimited and the page does say free with Prime.


Yeah, it’s free with Prime. I “bought” it for free and I don’t subscribe to Kindle Unlimited. The user interface is pretty confusing.


Have you read Tuva or Bust! ? Great book. It was my intro to Feynman after, I think, a Nova special.



Shows as 6.55 for me. Or “Read for free”, but that’s part of Kindle Unlimited?


I have not! But now I will.


I envy you, reading it for the first time. Enjoy! It’s more fun than QED: The Strange Theory of Light and Matter. ;)