Ebook Bargains


I liked this thread better when it was more about books and less about optometry.


I barely see what you did there.




All right. I know most of us on Qt3 like pets and there are a lot of cat enthusiasts so I’m surprised this hasn’t been mentioned, but one of the current Humble Book Bundles is all about cats. Cat comics, cat owner manuals, cat science fiction.

Check it out.

$1 tier:
The Gate of the Cat
Andre Norton

The Tribe of the Tiger
Elizabeth Marshall Thomas

How to be a Cat
Lisa Swerling, Ralph Lazar

Stack the Cats
Susie Ghahremani

The Cat Owner’s Manual
Dr. David Brunner, Sam Stall

Is it Safe to Kiss My Cat?
Carol Ann Rinzler, Tim Foley

Grumpy Cat: Misadventures Vol. 1
Ben McCool, Royal McGraw

Cat Projects: DIY Projects to Serve Your Feline Overlords

$8 tier:
Francesco Marciuliano
[I love how the cover says “your cat’s advice to you: get more sleep!”]

(2 Volumes) Fuku Fuku: Kitten Tales Vol. 1 - 2
Konami Kanata

Cooking for Two: Your Cat and You!
Brandon Schultz, Lucy Schultz-Osenlund

Crafting With Cat Hair
Kaori Tsutaya, Amy Hirschman

I Am A Cat
Galia Bernstein

Cat Getting Out of a Bag
Jeffrey Brown

Manfried the Man
Caitlin Major, Kelly Bastow

(3 Volumes) Chi’s Sweet Home Vol. 1 - 3
Konami Kanata

Our Cats Are More Famous Than Us: A Johnny Wander Collection

$15 tier:
Guys Can be Cat Ladies Too
Michael Showalter

Men With Cats
David Williams

Cats Are Weird
Jeffrey Brown

How to Make Your Cat an Internet Celebrity
Patricia Carlin, Dustin Fenstermacher

Chi’s Sweet Adventures Vol. 1
Konami Kanata, Kinoko Natsume

(3 Volumes) Nekogahara: Stray Cat Samurai Vol. 1 - 3
Hiroyuki Takei

Simon’s Cat vs. the World
Simon Tofield

Cats I’ve Known: On Love, Loss, and Being Graciously Ignored
Katie Haegele

100 Cats Who Changed Civilization
Sam Stall

Andre Norton


On sale at the moment (I think everywhere):

Snow Crash (Stephenson)
Storm Front (Dresden Files #1)
Leviathan Wakes (Expanse #1)
City (Simak)
Sword & Deviltry (Lieber)
Consider Phlebas (Culture #1)


Haven’t heard of these. Good stuff?


City is a classic, if you’re interested in golden age sci-fi at all, I’d recommend it.
I’ve never read Swords & Deviltry, but Lieber is a well-known name in the genre.
I also haven’t read Phelbas, but I’ve read several Culture novels, and they’re all good. Significantly more modern than the other two :)


Neil Stephenson’s Cryptonomicon on sale for $1.99 today.


All three well worth reading.


Oh cool, been meaning to give that series a look.


I picked this up a year ago along with the audiobook. It is interesting, and you’ll get a little extra out of it if you’re a dog lover. In the story dogs are modified and enhanced enough to be able to function at a higher order. It’s fun but also a bit of an apocalypse story and can be sad too.


David Brin’s The Postman is on sale for 2 bucks. Its a good post apocalypse read, not to be confused with the movie adaptation, which paled in comparison.


The Amazon Prime Reading progam has a series of six missing persons-type of non-fiction books free for Prime members. Most of these are short reads and most also have audible narration included. I have read/listened to the first one, The Woman in the Strongbox and found it quite interesting.


There are two ebooks of note on slae today.

First is The Hunt for Red October… The first of Clancy’s Jack Ryan books. Very entertaining read. $1.99 today

And the excellent offering from Joe Hill ( Stephen Kings son ) The Heart Shaped Box.
You can grab it for $2.99


Both of those are excellent.

Heart Shaped Box I think is Hill’s best book.


I agree! A lot of people seem to say NOS 4 A 2 is his best but I had such trouble getting through that. Heart Shaped Box though, it’s a goodie!


I agree. it’s fabulous.


I like all of Hill’s other novels (yes, including Horns) more than HSB, so ymmv.


Bought both, so thanks for the recommendation. I don’t think I have read Red October but have watched the movie. Are there much difference? Heart Shaped Box sounds really chilly from the reviews and I probably should start with that since I am a big fan of King and also have watched Red October before.


The movie Hunt for Red October, doesnt have the depth that the book has. It’s simply not possible to fit it all in a 2 hour movie, but I felt like the movie was a good movie and a fair interpretation of the book.

I read The Heart Shaped Box before I knew Joe Hill was Stephen King’s son and when I read it I thought, well King has some real competition here!