Ebook Bargains


Yeah, I’ve been getting this for quite some time, and there’s almost 1 a day that I’m at least interested in…picked up a lot of good books for 99 cents.


Tempting. Looks like it was nominated for the Hugo and Nebula that year and lost both to American Gods. Speaking of which, I also started American Gods recently. It’s very… different. But I put it aside for now, until I finish Song of Ice and Fire series (which I’m 92% done with as of yesterday).

EDIT: Bought. Added to the backlog. Also, Slaughterhouse 5 is on sale for $2 as well. Also bought.


Thanks for the heads up. I have never gotten around to reading Mieville. This looks like a good way to start.


Yeah, thanks for the tip. I have had this on my radar for a while. My intellect knows they’re just trying to get me hooked on the series so I will pay $15 each for volumes 2 forward, but my pleasure center says “hey, a cheap book! Cool!” so I’ll fall for this every time.


It is his first, so probably. I think The Scar is the best New Crobuzon book but Perdido is damn good anyway and a lot cheaper right now.


Strongly recommend Mieville, and Perdido Street Station. Though I think his work has gotten somewhat self-indulgent of late, those first few novels, all set in the same universe, are wonderful works.


I’ve tended to avoid Storybundle’s fiction bundles because they’re almost always either a bunch of self-pub stuff from authors I’ve never heard of and don’t have time to determine whether they’re any good, or for some reason they have Kevin J. Anderson curate them. Kevin J. Anderson is the co-author of the Dune books that came out after Frank Herbert’s death. They’re super terrible. I have not read any of KJA’s individually written novels to conclusion, but a brief skim has not suggested that they are worth reading on any level. As such, while his collections occasionally include authors I do enjoy (Kristine Kathryn Rusch, for example), I have to assume his taste in writing is very different from my own and be skeptical of anyone I don’t know in said collections. Plus they usually include his own stuff, and ew.


Today they announced a Haikasoru bundle. https://storybundle.com/japan
Haikasoru is Viz’s label for the Japanese SF/fantasy novels that they are translating and because they have the entirety of that country’s fiction output to skim the cream off of, they’re pretty universally fantastic. You may recognize the name All You Need is Kill, for example, the novel that inspired Edge of Tomorrow. That’s published by Haikasoru. This particular bundle doesn’t include that novel, sadly, although it includes Slum Online by the same author. But it does have things like the first Legend of the Galactic Heroes novel, the inspiration for the amazing epic anime series that still hasn’t had a full and proper English release (but it’s coming!) Pretty damn good deal if you ask me.


So these are novels? The covers make them all look like graphic novels. If it hadn’t been for your post I would have just assumed that these were some Japanese comics.


Yep, all novels (or anthologies). Viz mostly publishes manga, so I assume they’re using the same artists for these covers as for the manga covers.


OK, bought.

Which do you think should be my first book from the bundle? Considering I want the best chance to be impressed.


Hard to say. Slum Online is the only one I’ve read personally (one reason I’m excited about the bundle, honestly). If that - I can’t remember for sure. But the Legend of the Galactic Heroes anime is phenomenal, so I would assume the original novels are up there as well.


TOR started a new ebook club with a free book every month. It’s a marketing thing, but it does give you a free ebook once a month.



Ooh, that’s supposedly a pretty darn good book too. Thanks for the heads-up! P.S. you mentioned Scribd a few years back…through all the changes, I’m still a subscriber. So that’s something else I should blame/thank you for :)


Nice! The Three Body Problem has been on my Amazon wishlist for a few months.


Thanks! Ive been interested in that book for awhile now and planned on grabbing it soon.


Awesome! Yeah, that’s been on my wishlist for a while also, so thanks for the heads up!


Yes. Thank you for the heads up Mark. I downloaded it in mobi format, which can be emailed to Kindle so that it shows up on the Kindle app on my phone.


FYI, there is a ‘Send to Kindle’ app you can download for PC or Mac which will shoot things over to your kindle from the desktop. I like using that more than sending email.


Wow, no way! That sounds awesome. My main problem with the email method is that the one time I bought a comic bundle, and I was trying to send the PDF of the comic to kindle, and the file size was too big, and even my gmail account (which has a much larger limit on attachments than most other email) refused to send that to the kindle email. So I wonder if this Send To Kindle app will let me send the huge comic PDFs? CMZ comic files don’t work when you send to Kindle, right?


Thanks for the heads up. This is great. Now it makes buying ebooks from other sources besides Amazon that much simpler.