Elden Ring: a thread specifically for spoilers

No, that just struck me as what those people looked like.

My understanding is that there is a way to screw up in this place/area and end up basically in a place where you can’t get out.

I do wish there were notes, etc. to read to explain what this place is, what the rooms are, etc.

I immediately thought Burger King when I first saw those guys too. It’s unmistakable!

It’s uneven, isn’t it? For any major, end of area boss there is always a Stake of Marika or Site of Grace close by. But for some like that particular Red Wolf (which are clearly boss-like battles) you are forced to go back over ground with enemies over and over.

Early on, in Mistveil Castle, that run back to where the knight is who’s behind that iron door? That was very frustrating; dying over and over to the knight I don’t mind but to spend an extra 5 minutes to do it every time is soul-sucking.

I don’t know that there is any place in any FROM game that you can’t get out of. Ali least that I can remember. Dying will always return you to a SoG where you should be able to go anywhere.

There are walk thrus that might help but they would also spoil you. Fighting Cowboy on YouTube does a complete walk thru.

If you are talking lore I think the lore guys are still working on much of it.

Jeff is referring to a specific situation where at the bottom of Raya Lucaria, an Abductor Virgin can teleport you to a specific mini-dungeon area within Volcano Manor where you supposedly have to fight through some more Abductor Virgins before you can touch a site of grace and fast travel – otherwise you are stuck respawning there until you clear that mini-dungeon.

Didn’t experience it myself – just going off of what wikis and videos claim!

The boss fight with the additional monsters is after the site of grace – people aren’t actually stuck, they just don’t realize that the “trapped” fast travel restriction goes away while you’re in the site of grace menu. Which, to be fair, isn’t a very obvious mechanic.

Ah, never actually experienced it. I just avoided dealing with that particular monster until way later, LOL. I think @jpinard went through that encounter and Jeff asked how to avoid that situation.

Poor Rennala. Dude dumped her for him/herself.

That’s not strictly true, either. It ends when you rest. Once you do you can teleport out whenever. (Touching the grace to activate it doesn’t count)

There is an icon on the HUD to indicate inability to teleport, although they’re really too small and needed someplace to go to get descriptions.

There were two different fire monk armor sets I think. I was playing fire monk for a while as a fire/priest type. There is a “red” set - easy enough to farm at the castle in the top left of Mt. Gelmir. Also at the castle was where I first met the Fire Prelate boss type. He gave me his helmet right away which I rocked for a while. Couldn’t get him to drop anything else though. Later, there is a “white” set which took me much longer to farm. There’s one guy in front of the church where you fight the godskin noble in lava land and 2 at the bottom of the Caelid tower.

That person looks like they never put a point into Vigor. o_0

Damn, that fight would have been quite a bit easier if I realized you could just jump over half the attacks. Too many games in this format without the ability to jump; I almost never thought to use it in combat except maybe for jump attacks.

I did that fight many times before I saw someone on YouTube jumping his attacks. That not something you could do and so never entered my mind. You are supposed to roll thru attacks.

From the poster,

Level 210, NG+3 Vigor 12/Mind 60/Endurance 50/Str 12/Dex 40/Int 99/Faith 8/Arcane 8

Using Carian Regal Scepter +10 (Spinning Weapon is the default Ash of War) & full Rennala cosplay. Spells are (in order of appearance) Comet Azur, Shattering Crystal, Carian Slicer, and (of course) Rennala’s Full Moon.

I used Wondrous Physick with Cerulean Hidden Tear & Magic-Shrouding Cracked Tear before entering the fight.

Talismans are: Primal Glintstone Shard, Graven Mass Talisman, Magic Scorpion Charm, and Radagon Icon (ironic lol)

40 Dex + Radagon Icon is why I’m able to cast so fast.

Vigor 12 because he started as a Samurai.

You’re already well past that if you fought the wolf. If you do get trapped, you can do a run to the next site of grace without fighting anything. (It’ll take a few deaths to figure out how to get there.) Then rest. Then teleport out.

This one:

Level 10 rivers of blood, white mask and rotten talisman just munches stuff. I hardly ever use the incantations but I do rotten breath more than flies. Plus sacred sword for aoe and rune farm

Some dude has been posting videos on YouTube of the bosses fighting each other, and Mohg looks like he is the strongest, followed by Malekith. Primarily due to their bleed attacks. They just shred the other bosses. Malenia cannot heal through it.

Malenia’s definitely weak against bleed.

Ohhh, I totally forgot about using talismans to help buff swords. Thanks!
BTW, what are your strength, dexterity, and arcane stats?

Yea, I watched a YouTuber beat her easily using the trident bleed weapon you get from the blood dynasty guy. Of course he used everything available to increase that effect.