Elden Ring - George R.R. Martin and Hidetaka Miyazaki

The gameplay trailer shows PS5 and XB Series logos at the end. Those versions should be there at launch.

I’m certain the game works on those systems. I am saying enhanced versions yet to come for current gen.

Usually including those logos in a trailer means there are native versions for those systems.

Was this posted? More details about how the “open field” works, multiplayer, skills, etc.

Of note to me is the “group” mechanic. Groups are defined by keywords, and you can make it so that you only see or prioritize seeing messages from people in your group. Kind of neat.

God, this game looks so good.

Isn’t that how Dark Souls 3 worked? I remember being able to set a “password” and it was supposed to prioritize signs using that password, at least from what I recall. It was bugged and not working well when I played but that’s how I think it was supposed to work.

Does the system in Elden Ring differ from that? It’s been a long time since I played DS3 so I may not be remembering accurately.

I know you could use passwords to arrange for other players (that you wanted) to join you as phantoms. But I don’t think that effected the signs you see. I have never really understood why you see some signs and not others as I would imagine certain locations probably have hundreds of signs.

In Dark Souls/Bloodborne it only affected co-op summon signs. Messages were unaffected.

Ooooh, that’s what I get for reading quickly on my phone. I saw “group” on my mind starting fixating on grouping together. I missed that about messages.

Yeah, it almost allows for community- or event-specific signs. Imagine if the community designates one keyword combination as the “supremely unhelpful meme” signs. Or another as the “start fresh in October 2022” signs. Or one as the “QT3” signs.

Im sure it won’t work half as well as I imagine it will, but it’s a neat evolution to the formula.

Oh, a QT3 group. I’m sure quite a few of us will be plunging in.

Steam page… Didn’t realize this was due so soon. Or maybe I just didn’t notice 2021 disappearing. Early 2022.

Yea, I saw an “ad” for Elden Ring on Steam today. Not an ad really, just a box without a price saying it was coming soon. But still…

Detailed preview. I just sat down with my coffee and I’ll read it between tasks. Only skimming the beginning, I’m surprised to learn that it really is a open world game of sorts.

I’m not actually sure I want to read this.

Right, Every new mechanic, system, enemy and detail explored does sound a bit over the top. Report back on if it’s safe to read @Rock8man :)

DS1 & 2 were pretty “open world.” I remember 3 having a bit more linearity. Demon’s was extremely hub and spoke and Bloodborne was a bit more constrained.

Interesting. Dark Souls isn’t at all what I would think of as open world. It wasn’t exactly linear, but very much level-to-level with branches here and there.

You could just go mostly anywhere you wanted from the start, though, and some people did and then complained it was too hard because they ended up in New Londo or Valley of the Drakes.