Elite: Dangerous Kickstarter Launched


…why are you doing that to yourself?


For Earth likes the most common Star type was F class, based on my experience. So setting your filter to F class and zipping around should increase your odds.


Just scanning stuff is fun (to me) nowadays. More fun than honk&jump. anyway. Found one!


Probably, but wanted to try out an fdl. I made about 200M running passengers from robigo to sothis, so needed to spend some of that money. Need to probably kit out the Python a bit more as well. Mamba looks like it could be fun too


mamba is slated for “unnerf” too.




Has it always been a thing that if you are wanted and paying off a fine you get shipped off to some penal colony station (I’m guessing that is what it is anyways since there are a bunch of ‘Felony is Futile’ signs)? I was paying a fine and ended up 11 jumps from where I was paying the fine at.

Edit: I ended up on this mega ship: https://www.edsm.net/en/system/stations/id/106765/name/ICZ+ZK-X+b1-0/details/idS/63493/nameS/The+Seraph's+Wing


Just tried out the new night vision while flying around in a res in the shadow of a planet. That is very helpful.


Anyone here ever used Monstertech table/chair mounts for hotas setups? Seriously thinking about buying the table mounts.


That doesn’t look like it’ll hold a Microsoft Sidewinder Force Feedback 2 stick at all! Shenanigans!

Actually it looks great if you have compatible hardware.

It’s such a shame the H.O.T.A.S.S. never took off.


After having this game in my backlog for ages, I finally loaded it up and began to learn it last week. I’ve put in about 15 hours and I feel like I’ve barely scratched the surface. I’m playing with mouse and keyboard, but I’m seriously considering purchasing a HOTAS - haven’t had one of those in many years because I took a 5 or 6 year break from gaming (long story…), and I got rid of a lot of my gear. I’m really missing my old Thrustmaster sticks. I’m eyeing the TM 1600 or something like that.

I’m really loving Elite Dangerous. I played so many addictive hours of Frontier, but this game is really something else.


I’ve enjoyed the t16000m hotas.


I can attest that the TM 1600 is a decent bit of kit.


It’s great, isn’t it? There’s a lot of game in there. Also a lot of jank, but you’ll run into that eventually. You VR? If so, that TM 1600 can be put to much fun use in flight sims. Even if those don’t do it for you normally, in VR it might be worth chewing through the initial learning curve (like you did with Elite).

One thing about games with learning curves is that that very bit of initial hardness makes them more immersive. I sometimes secretly wish I could start up my E:D spaceship like I do my DCS planes. Bringing a MiG-15 or Spitfire MkIX to life in that sim is something else.


It’s on sale for Canadian: $50 off:


I’m really disappointed in myself. I can’t even get past the first combat training mission. That 2nd target keeps kicking my butt :(

I used to play flight / space seems years ago and I don’t remember having it so hard. I’m sure enemies were bad because I suck as a pilot. Are ED enemies better than is normal in these sort of games?


If it’s the training mission I’m thinking of, it’s absurdly overtuned and waaay more difficult than a training mission should be. I’d ignore it and just start playing.


The nice thing about ED combat is that you can get some experience without too much frustration or risk. Head out to a nav beacon (near a star) or to a resource extraction site (found in planetary rings – start with “low”). There, you can look for wanted ships by scanning then. Just select a ship, then point your own ship at them for a few seconds. If they are a bad guy with a bounty, you will see “Wanted” on the scanner readout.

If wanted ships aren’t in the area, they will be along presently. In resource extraction sites, they are pretty easy to spot. You’ll have some people mining, and a few cops, and then an occasional pirate wandering in looking for trouble.

Once you spot a wanted ship, trail them. Make sure it says “Wanted” on the scanner before you do anything. If there are some cops nearby, you can start shooting (the cops will back you up if they’re not busy). Otherwise, wait for the fireworks to start and then join in.

You’ll get a cash reward for taking them out, even if you didn’t do most of the work.

But don’t accidentally shoot at the cops, ships you haven’t scanned, or non-wanted ships! The hammer will come down big time.

Spend the money you earn on upgrading your ride, and then on bigger and better ships. Eventually, you can start visiting High and Hazardous resource extraction sites, which will offer bigger payouts for bounty hunting.


Also, Sidewinder insurance is free, so you can die as much as you like for no real penalty.


I don’t think I ever beat that tutorial mission either. It is pretty demoralizing.

Luckily the combat in the actual game isn’t as hard. Plus you can always equip your ship better to compensate if it is indeed hard.