Elite: Dangerous Kickstarter Launched


I’m remembering how to play this again, the hard way. Do not, for example, spend the better part of two hours scanning systems and discovering planets, then decide what the hell, let’s just drop into a Nav Beacon and earn some bounties but instead die. Let me make a note not to do that in the future.


So my new goal is to mod the heck out of my Cobra using engineers. It could take a while, I suppose, but it seems like a worthwhile expenditure of time. :) I probably need to raise some more funds first though, now that I’ve remembered how to fight effectively. I have noticed that some exploration data is extremely lucrative, at least compared to how it used to be. An 80 ly flight scanning all the way (not exhaustively) netted a neat half a million, although I think I was fortunate finding some planets which had considerable data value. I’m assuming those are the ones with decent mineral resources.


Thanks! Put in my application last night.


All Wildcard applications dealt with. Sorry for the delay, they seem to be having some issues with the management. I click accept like four times each until it goes through for each applicant. The one guy I have helping likely thinks he got 'em. Thanks to everyone who applied to the Wildcards!


Yay! I no longer feel so alone. Meanwhile, I have ripped out the cargo bays from my Cobra and I’m now running tours to the ice geysers on some planet you’ve never heard of. A bargain at only a million credits!

They’ve certainly improved a lot of systems since I last played, swapping out modules and putting them into storage for example, I can’t believe how I managed before this. Also, the pimping out of my Cobra continues apace (the tourism side gig is helping to fund it). Now that I’ve seen someone in a Lakon Type 10, I want one.


So I decided to buy a Dolphin, improve its jump range a little, and take a tourist to go and see a ringed ice planet about 137 ly away. Whatever, dude. Anyway, that plus the discovery scanning netted me over 3 million credits for about an hour’s work, which seems like a fortune compared to what I had only a few days ago. However, if I’m going to start doing that I need to mod my FSDs up with a better jump range. Alas the only way to do that is to take an epic trip 300 ly away from where I started (honestly I can’t remember where that was, so I guess I just find a gullible, rich tourist and head out into the unknown).

I want to try mining out again too, I remember it was quite enjoyable but picking up bits of rock one at a time got old really quickly, but these cargo limpet things are great! Like tourism, I’ll probably give it a shot with the Cobra and see whether it’s going to work for me, and if so invest in something a bit more suitable.


Well, I made it out to Maia in Pleides and bought one unit of meta-alloys for the FSD engineer. I sold my accumulated exploration data which made the trip quite profitable. On the way to the engineer (another 24 jumps) I got about 1/4 of the way before being interdicted by an NPC in an Eagle. No problem, I thought, it’s just an Eagle. Sadly I was in a Dolphin, which wasn’t quite up to the task, and after a couple of attempts at evading it I finally screwed up and died. Goodbye meta-alloy! Goodbye my exploration data (including two 50 stellar body systems, which take ages to scan). Sigh.

On the plus side, I just had to go and check out the Maia black hole. It’s awesome.


I just started playing this even though I was a backer. I’ve applied to the squadron.

Currently flying around in a poorly outfitted Cobra trying to figure out what to do. Still lots to learn. I haven’t tried mining yet and don’t understand the discovery/exploration stuff. I got confused because I was watching tutorials built for an older version of the game and I guess all the discovery stuff changed in the recent update.

This is an amazing immersive experience in VR. I’ll be getting a real HOTAS system soon. Right now I’m using the cheap logitech Joystick and some CH rudder pedals. I need more buttons so that I can play completely in VR and not have to try and use the keyboard.

Also, I love the docking computer.


Holy shit mate, that bites! At least you got a purty screenshot for your effort!


Yes, it took a bit to figure that out too. First, you have to set your keybindings for the FSS in the Options. For some reason it doesn’t do this by default. The basic ones are camera pitch/yaw, tuning, zoom, discovery scan and target. Essentially when you reach an unmapped system, you stay in supercruise but drop the speed to zero (I hit X to kill my speed and then immediately M to open it up, you don’t have to wait until you actually slow down), then open up the FSS.

I used this short, no commentary video to pick up the basics.

It’s quite fun as long as you’re in the mindset for it. You can also speed it up considerably by zooming back out once you zoom into a planet (you don’t have to wait for it to resolve and the discovery name to appear). I find it quite lucrative especially if you get a system with a lot of metal rich planets (ho boy).

The video also explains the detailed surface scan, which again you need to set keybindings for, and then allocate the probe launcher to a fire group (which the video does not explain). Definitely worthwhile doing that for metal rich planets and similar, but it does take a lot of time to visit each one so it’s a dedicated job.

Just to clarify, I didn’t lose the exploration data for the trip out there, just for about 6 jumps back again. Not an inconsequential loss of time because most of the systems en route had 30-50 stellar bodies to find, but it freaks me out every time I get an NPC interdiction! They seem to be much easier to evade than they used to be, or I’m getting better at it. In that case, however, I was in the middle of a system scan so my throttle was set to zero, and I “submitted” immediately. My usual strategy is to jump to another system, drop out of supercruise and hope I don’t get picked up again, but in my panic I only went to supercruise so when I dropped out again it didn’t take long for the NPC to catch up, and he cooked me before my system jump countdown completed.

I’ve taken to playing in Open all the time now, as well. It’s still a thrill to see a hollow square on the scanner, but so far after nearly 50 hours I’ve not had a negative incident. It helps that I’ve stayed away from the most populated systems.

Incidentally, I’ve been interdicted by the military and navy several times of late. I submitted once to see what was up (I was clean and legal) and the ship did nothing of note. I half expected a “Do you know what speed you were travelling at, sir?”


FWIW, I don’t recommend this. a) You shouldn’t change ships until you can outfit it with 90% or so of your final setup, and b) as discussed above, the free Sidewinder is really, really handy when learning the ropes, and surprisingly capable when properly outfitted.


Well that was an absolute blast! The trip back from the Pleides was tense, I was dogged all the way by NPC pirates trying to steal my meta-alloy cargo for the engineer. While losing this wouldn’t be the end of the world, losing my 4 million credits of exploration data would have stung! I got interdicted five times, and had to abandon FSS scanning for most of those, but I learned to point my nose towards my next system jump destination so getting out of there fast was much easier. The high stakes really make this game thrilling. Oh also, I keep forgetting not to try and fuel scoop red dwarf stars! I came out of this with a few blisters on my paintwork.

Now to upgrade my FSD jump range! And what to do with my engines? Decisions…


I’ve been having an issue where the bindings aren’t sticking for me. Don’t know if it is voice attack screwing with something or what is up. I like to bind the new discovery stuff to a xbox controller. Using the bindings that make use of the t16000m are annoying.


Is there any way to find out what your ship’s maximum jump range is with fuel remaining? I’m sure this used to be listed in the right display (under Functions) but that’s all been changed now, and I can’t seem to find it. In my recent trip I wasn’t certain that I had enough fuel to reach a scoopable star, so I had to divert to another route to be safe, but it would have been easier if there was a display showing your remaining range.


Current jump range is in the Ship tab of the systems panel but you have to go to the bottom tab (statistics) in the vertical tab list within that panel.


That just tells you the maximum range of a single jump. I’m sure it used to also tell you what the maximum overall range was given the fuel in your tank.


Try this. Pick a .binds file from your installed game path:


and copy it to:

%LOCALAPPDATA%\Frontier Developments\Elite Dangerous\Options\Bindings

Then rename it so you know what it is. In the in-game controls config it should appear in the pre-configured bindings list. Customize it as you wish and it should save properly!

At least that’s what I did when I set up my g940 an age back…


Engineers are a rabbit hole. What major modifications have you guys done? I’m currently outfitting my Dolphin for exploration, added 1 level of dirty drive mods, and experimental heat reduction to compensate, and I’m just gathering the materials for three levels of FSD upgrades. Material traders are great, although the Galaxy Map is pretty useless for finding them. Every time I settle on a plan, I find another wrinkle to explore which distracts me, but seeing as exploration is so lucrative I’m going to follow that path for a while.


What kind of ship role are you engineering for? Exploration?

For Material traders, I used https://inara.cz/galaxy-nearest/25/367/ to find the closest trader of each type to my home base and then made bookmarks for them in game.


Well, I do warp drives to 5 on every ship every time. On the ships that do not need to do a lot of turning in real space (exploration, other non-combat roles) I get them clean drive tunings, while the fighting ships get dirty drives.
Next up is power distro and power plant. Depending on needs those are modded for low heat or sturdiness.
Then I tune up weapons, big fan of “efficient weapon” tuning. Then armor and shields for better resistance percentages and lastly sensors and stuff to loose weight.
It’s quite a project to get a ship tuned up, but also fun. I like the scooping minigame, and they have hugely increased the amount of materials you can store so I don’t usually need to do a lot of specific material hunting.