Enderal - Skyrim Total Conversion

Yeah it’s an Add on, Enderal itself is just a standalone download from Steam. Definitely worth it.

Is it just a graphics thing? Because my laptop isn’t top of the line so if there were no gameplay changes I would maybe just skip it.

You just gotta own Skyrim on Steam (preferably SE). You do not need to have it installed, Enderal is standalone and it downloads the required files by itself, yeah.

It is just a graphics thing. It does increase the quality of lighting significantly, but it does also raise hardware requirements significantly - with my 2080Ti, I had to go from 4K/max to 1440p/max in order to keep 60fps. So unless you have a pretty good gaming laptop, you might be better off without it.

It is pretty though



Ok, thanks that’s all i needed to know! Game is installed, I’ll give it a try tonight.

Got the game started. Good start so far! One thing, when I have my earphones hooked up, the game audio still plays out my laptop speakers. The only time it didn’t was when the first opening movie played and it came out my headphones but then when it jumped back to in-game, it played out through the computer speakers again. Any thoughts about why that may be?

Few tips:

  • if you want to use workbench to improve your enchanted stuff, you need to invest few points into phasmalist since the ability to do so gets unlocked there

  • if you do not want to have your blueprints clutter inventory, buy a blueprint book in the bank

  • if playing a mage, still a good idea to invest few points into warrior or rogue tree to unlock the effective armor wear (rogue for light armor, warrior for heavy). Even as a mage heavy can make sense, there is an awesome heavy armor set for mage

  • do not use learning books that do not fit your skill level

  • buy both houses in Ark

Frankly that sounds like some kind of Windows clusterfuck. If you have usb headphones maybe try to disable the onboard speakers, driver update…dunno.

Yeah, good advice. I’m finding a bladedancer/elementalist is fun to play, using heavy armor, a one-handed weapon, and a spell in the off hand. Because it’s, well, Skyrim essentially under the hood, switching equipment and spells is a PITA but that’s not the modders’ fault. At least the quick menu thing is integrated with the mod.

Looks like Skyrim SE is $13.19 in the Steam sale. Enderal is free, but I’m guessing if I install it won’t work if I don’t own Skyrim SE?

A quick google tells me you need either regular Skyrim or Skyrim SE

Oh nice, so there’s a separate one for non-special edition. I wonder if I own that?

The question is how many times you own Skyrim and don’t know it. :P

Looks like I own it on 360 and Xb1.

And I have access to Skyrim SE on PC Game Pass. I wonder if there’s a way to get Enderal for the Game Pass Windows 10 version?

Looks like the answer is no.

I am gonna repeat myself but SE version is vastly preferable by far due to higher stability and better performance.

Enderal is worth 60 bucks. For 13 it’s a steal.

Picked this up due to @Paul_cze comments and screenshots. It’s been excellent so far. It’s hard to fathom that this is a non-commercial endeavor. I am 15 hours in now and would pay for this.

Yeah, essentially it is the game Skyrim should have been, if only, well, reasons.

It really isn’t - Its a great game, but so is Skyrim.

Lets try not to get bogged down in fancy internet smackdowns and one-liners here as well.

Yeah it’s not really, Enderal is great especially after 10 years of Skyrim, it’s nice to have something that’s new but very similar.

I have like 1200 hours in various versions of Skyrim. I love it. But Enderal is a lot more cohesive and builds a more coherent world I think. Naturally, TES imposes its own convoluted logic on things, but I stand my my (mere opinion, mind you!) that in terms of concepts, coherency, and overall structure this total conversions is the better game.

That being said, it could not be such a thing without there first being Skyrim, so in the end, Bethesda’s creation is the Ur-source anyhow, and a masterful piece of work. Skyrim is IMO one of the single greatest games ever released.

I finished Enderal few days ago. It took me a moment.

I loved it, right until the end. That is, including the end, eventhough it is not exactly a…happy ending. It actually hit really hard. Speaking with Jespar and Arantheal broke me a little, before I destroyed the beacon.

I enjoy Bethesda games. I like them, and yes, without Beth’s engine and awesome tools, Enderal (or equally brilliant Forgotten City) would not exist.

But for me, as a game - as an experience - Enderal is better than any Bethesda game I played, and I played them all since Morrowind. Because no Beth game, as much as I enjoy them, actually managed to make emotional impact like this.

After finishing it, I went and watched the trailers released by SureAI. I must say, I am glad I never watched them before. They spoil a LOT, and eventhough without context you don’t exactly know, there are some location surprises that I thought were really cool when playing, and the trailer spoils some of them.

I am considering buying the Dreams of the Dying book, although I am not sure if I have it in me to read 700 pages in English.

Also, those of you who played Enderal release version and not the Forgotten Stories version - if you enjoyed it, I would suggest a replay. I just checked what the expansion added, and actually probably three of my favourite questlines in the game are all from the expansion.

Do not ignore the arena undercity fighting quest.

I am glad to see people trying it out. It took me years to finally do so and now I wish Enderal had the kind of mainstream recognition Skyrim has.

Last few shots.

Awesome to read - Sounds like we are on the same page here! I don’t mind other games being great, or even better than Skyrim - I just see a lot of unfounded drive-by-posts “Skyrim is baaaadd” in mainly other places, and it saddens me. But then again, most things on the internet does so these days, so it was awesome of you to make the post you did @TheWombat - Thanks for that!

If I someday can tear myself away from Conan Exiles, I will have to give this a serious try - but I do find the beginning quite difficult!